New Snoring Relief Solution - When Your Anti-Snoring Aids Can’t Cut the Noise at Night, Submitted to FDA

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The new SnorEnder TM is a uniquely effective snoring relief system, invented by a team of scientists, healthcare professionals and business executives Â? all of them loud, habitual snorers. The new SnorEnder is worn comfortably while sleeping by frequent heavy snorers to cut their loud open-mouth snoring by as much as 60-80% or more. Proven effective in nightly use throughout the US and Canada, it is now available at

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and leading sleep experts, more than 55 million American men and women snore almost every night. Far too many of them snore loud enough to disrupt their own sleep and their family’s. Snoring has been linked in some cases to sleep apnea and other life-threatening disorders, including heart disease and stroke. Snoring is also a leading cause of chronic daytime tiredness, increased family and job stress, and a constant source of sleep-deprived frustration for everyone who must endure the noise. About 10% of divorces each year are, in no small part, due to uncontrolled loud snoring by one or both spouses.

Snoring can reach more than 80db, as loud as a chainsaw or lawnmower running on the pillow next to you every night! That is why so many healthcare professionals urge chronic, habitual, loud snorers to learn more about snoring and sleep apnea and seek immediate relief. Many sleep specialists also suggest the use of effective snoring relief aids to reduce both the frequency (how often you snore) and loudness to help both the snorer and his/her family get the sleep they need.

Unique Snoring Relief System

The new, patent pending SnorEnder TM is a uniquely effective snoring solution: the integration of three proven snoring reduction technologies. It is the world's only snoring relief system that combines innovative bio-mechanical mouth and jaw support (to keep the mouth gently and firmly closed during sleep), subtle acupressure stimulation for stress reduction and improved well-being, and powerful magnetic therapy used by millions of athletes and sports celebrities worldwide.

Acupressure and magnetic therapy have been used throughout Asia for more than 2,000 years to increase general health and well-being. Now, because of original research and development by the SnorEnder team, the unique AcuSleep TM bio-mechanical, acupressure and magnetic therapy technologies in the SnorEnder deliver a real breakthrough in effective snoring management and dependable relief.

It is the only snoring relief system that integrates these two proven, powerful snoring reduction technologies with advanced bio-mechanical engineering to reduce or stop open-mouth snoring.

When Other Snoring Aids Can't Deliver Relief

The new SnorEnder is engineered to help reduce or even stop loud habitual, non-apnea snoring. It can be particularly helpful when other anti-snoring devices may not offer the consistent relief that snorers and their sleep partners need and expect.

The SnorEnder has been submitted to the FDA for clearance as an effective snoring relief aid. It is inexpensive, comfortable, and effective, and can now be ordered online through

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