Indie Filmmakers Detained at Area 51.

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Two filmmakers, researching for their movie about extra terrestrials, were detained over the weekend by government agents outside the infamous government facility known as Area 51.

Cerebral Print: The Secret Files

Independent filmmakers Ford Austin and Jed Rowen were driving near the infamous government base known as "Area 51" on saturday night when their car was surrounded by several government employees in uniform. When asked what they were doing at the facility, the two filmmakers claimed to have been researching extra terrestrials and the secret government program that is rumored to be operating at the site. The agents took the two filmmakers into custody until late monday afternoon when they were allowed to leave the base. Austin stated, "We weren't trespassing. We were staying deliberately away from the perimeter fence. It was terrifying! I mean, they put guns to our heads, took our cameras, and threw us into a cage. This definitely means that our film is hitting a little close to the bone". Ford Austin claims that he and his producing partner, Jed Rowen, were attempting to return to an area known as S-4.

"We have been to S-4 once and witnessed the secret 'frankenstein' experiments being conducted there first hand and decided to put it into our film, "Austin said. Their latest film "Cerebral Print: The Secret Files" focuses on the covert experiments being conducted by the United States government. "These guys are trying to keep extra terrestrials a mythological phenomenon," say Austin and Rowen, "but we already have footage of an actual autopsy on an alien where these doctors pull out his brain and dissect it in real time", Austin continued, "It's only a matter of time till our film breaks the mythology wide open!"

Witnesses say that the filmmakers were driven to the edge of Groom Lake, approximately 90 miles from Las Vegas, and then ordered to leave the area immediately. Austin, "They told us not to release our film, so we said 'Screw that, we're going to the papers'."

Area 51 became famous in the late 50's when locals witnessed a U.F.O. crash to the ground. Initial reports and photographs from the government verified that a "manned" alien saucer crashed to the ground with 4 allien creatures onboard, but those comments were quickly amended to claim that the crash was merely a weather balloon. Ever since, Area 51 has been seized upon by conspiracy theorists, documentary filmmakers, ane toursists alike.

Since the weekend, Austin claims he and Rowen have had their home phones tapped and bank accounts frozen.

"Oh yeah. There are unmarked cars parked outside my house right now", Austin exclaimed, "What did I get myself into?"

Ford Austin's movie, "Cerebral Print: The Secret Files", focuses on a secret government facility, it's experiments on extra terrestrials, and the government agents who work there. It is scheduled to premiere at the 2005 Bare Bones International Film Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma on April 23rd at 10:30pm. Officials at Area 51 could not be reached for comment.


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