Major Aerospace Company Selects Datamatics’ TC-1™ System for Workforce Management Needs

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Vought Aircraft Industries, a manufacturer of critical components for commercial and military aircraft, has selected Datamatics' TC-1Â? for capturing and processing workforce related data.

Vought Aircraft Industries, a manufacturer of critical components for commercial and military aircraft, has selected Datamatics’ TC-1™ Labor Management System for a full rollout to all of its locations. Over the next several months, the TC-1™ system will be implemented at Vought facilities in Georgia, Florida, Texas, and California.

TC-1™ is a state of the art solution for capturing and processing workforce related data. It offers automated end-to-end management of employee time, integrating a wide range of data collection devices and applying even the most extensive work rules and benefit policies to generate detailed management reports and process data for export to payroll, HR, and other internal systems.

Vought was originally introduced to TC-1™ as the result of an acquisition. Back in 2003, Vought acquired Aerostructures, a Nashville company, which had already implemented TC-1™. Aerostructures selected TC-1™ to replace another product that required heavy customization to meet the company’s operational needs.

As J. Jack Schultz, a financial analyst for Aerostructures and now Vought explains, “We were looking for a more cost effective system and were amazed to discover that most of the customizations we had been paying for are available right off the shelf in the TC-1™ product.” Aerostructures evaluated five different systems and ultimately decided on TC-1™ .The comparative advantages of TC-1™, with its wide range of configuration options, soon became apparent to the company’s new owner.

Vought is a major aviation contractor, best known for supplying component parts for Boeing, Airbus, and Gulfstream passenger jets, as well as the C130 military transport plane and a group of fighter planes, including the F-14 Tomcat, the F-15 Eagle, and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. It has a total workforce of more than 6,000 employees, a size that presents significant challenges in tracking and controlling labor costs.

In Schultz’s view, two ingredients account for the strong appeal of TC-1™ system at Vought. “To begin with, the system is user-friendly. TC-1 has great help features and is easy to use. You can look at a week at a time, and the time punches and absences are all shown on one screen. Moreover, users can customize the look and feel of the screens they access the most. Some of our staff have redesigned the office view with the colors of their favorite football teams.”

The other advantage of TC-1™ Schultz cites is the high level of service and support provided by the software’s developer, Datamatics. “Any time we have a question or need help with something, we always get a prompt response. The service is always very good. When we call about a problem, within minutes someone is on the line with us, working to resolve it.”

Compliments like that are music to the ears of Norman C. Heinle, the president of Datamatics Management Services, Inc., the company that develops, installs, and supports TC-1™. “Providing the highest quality services to our clients is our top priority,” he explained. “We want to help our clients reach higher levels of success through automated labor management.”

Datamatics Management Services, Inc. is a New Jersey-based software development and management consulting company. Datamatics' TC-1™ Labor Management System is a leading software package used in thousands of businesses, including QVC, Jet Blue, and Armed Forces Savings Bank. TC-1™ automates employee scheduling, attendance record keeping, benefit accrual tracking, and cost allocation. Datamatics also offers an ASP service, TimesheetPlus™, to businesses looking for an outsourced solution to workforce management.

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