Fantasy Author Tackles Dan Brown

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New fantasy inspired by Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and Da' Vinci Code, and is no less engrossing. Faces the same puzzle, Man versus Religion.

Does man serve God, or does God serve man? In his newest release, No Gods of Conscience (ISBN 0976122715), Jason Bilicic continues Dan Brown’s effort to disclose the puzzling conflict between mankind and the Almighty.

In the most original fantasy in years, Bilicic, inspired by Dan Brown’s thrillers, Angels and Demons and Da’ Vinci Code, adds his own suspenseful thrill ride story to the mix, this one a fantastic journey through a world of twisted religion, warped cultures and realistic characters making terrifying, sometimes fantastically tragic, decisions.

The main character is a thief and murderer who is afflicted with a powerlessness that every working American can relate to, one that leaves each of us performing tasks we never expected. The difference? Every act Bilicic’s character completes bends the future of mankind’s religion away from the good it was meant to serve. He is driven to rob the world of decency, armed with a weapon that grants him immortality as he claims the lives of the innocent, and accompanied by those who fear death so much, they opt to ally themselves with forces beneath contempt.

The notion that God may have been a creation of mankind is hardly new, but No Gods of Conscience begins a story that may shake up the fantasy fiction genre. It is loaded with meaning as it criticizes and supports religion, politics, government structures and human relationships. Intelligent and unique, the story has something for everyone.

The primary message of the story is that of self reliance in a world of competition and ruthlessness. The main character starts with nothing but himself and furthers himself through personal glory, but Bilicic offers the idea that a supporting cast is necessary to truly succeed. The thief in his tale only grows beyond his suffocating restraints as he reaches out to the other characters around him.

One of them, a pious man, learns to fear his imminent death so much he finds himself considering a trade: his faith for a life of darkness. Another is a man of nature that provides a comfort and balance to Bilicic’s gritty story.

Together they trek towards an answer that each man and woman on Earth wishes to know: Are we here for God or is God there for us?

Find out for yourself. No Gods of Conscience.

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