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Facilities to be created in the USA for prevention of arterial disease. Optometrists to await new Camera/microscope developments for Cardioretinometry.

In February, after months of finding normally about 30 entries for CardioRetinometry, the Google search engine suddenly 'exploded' with 'results' increasing daily by 50 or more. It has now reached 350+ and is stabilising. Complaints to Google that these are spurious, virus and Trojan bearing attacks have met with little success.

Their search is, unfortunately at present, contaminating other search engines. Google has become a problem as it can contaminate Metacrawler and other better search engines. I am not an expert and wish the popular Google no harm, but it does not appear to me to be safe to use it at present as about half the 'results' might damage computers even with some McAfee protection, until they take action and exclude the malicious websites. My computer does not have the McAfee privacy and anti-abuse which I found restrictive.

The problem appears to be a Russian 'service' (?) employed to sting anybody who searches for cardioretinometry and to ‘snowstorm’ and wipe out the subject. A recent search found a so called enyclopaedia. Rather insultingly, after being invited to learn more about it, ‘CardioRetinometry’ was not listed with ‘cardiovascular’ as should have been the case. Instead one was invited to enter the word in the 'search' box. McAfee immediately reported a hacking attack and Trojan being sent to me.

Too late! My computer was damaged. Clearly somebody or organisation is very frightened that this new, inexpensive and non-invasive system of optometric preventive medicine to be available through optmetrists, could extend via every optometrist to the public, enabling everybody to learn how to reduce their arterial cholesterol nutritionally; become more healthy; rarely need a doctor; never need beta blockers for hypertension and be free of the threat from potentially damaging Statin type drugs to unnecessarily lower blood cholesterol. Some Statins have now been withdrawn as too dangerous with compensation being paid. (Cholesterol in the diet has been a hoax - one would need to be a cannibal to get the damaging kind)

This unique and severe virus - Trojan – Spyware attack on CardioRetinometry strongly suggests that a real threat to sales of these immensely profitable drugs (vastly more costly and profitable than vitamins) is anticipated from CardioRetinometry and has provoked the virus attack hoping to infect and prevent people who wish to know more about CardioRetinometry, by having their computers damaged.

Look for .ru in the bottom line of a result. (.ru is a Russian origin website usually not contactable by e-mail) Do not click on anything tha has .ru in the bottom or top line of the address/locator in the search engine's result. The top line will seem to be perfectly OK. But do not be fooled by the top line. Further attacks from other countries are expected.

They are cleverly using the key words ‘Bush’ or ‘British Medical Journals’ or ‘cardioretinometry’ - or ‘BMJ.’ The Google ‘finds’ may appear to be a vitamin company, encyclopedia (American spelling) holiday offers, all innocent sounding, harmless looking ‘websites.’

The website, promoting vitamin C and publicising the nutritional reversal of arterial disease and atheroma is probably the most honest, factual, comprehensive health website on the Internet. It described CardioRetinometry as possibly making 'cardiologists into cabdrivers.' Perhaps that was too much.

The Bolen Report also features it on

Optometrists can, before registering for enrolment for training in the new speciality, register to provide the new service as a ‘CardioRetinometry Facility,' before becoming 'Consultants in CardioRetinometry.' They may see actual ‘before and after’ images on my website at

Experience with English Optometrists has shown quite unexpectedly, that some training is required for all to understand and correctly interpret the images. After the BBC TV News broadcast in Europe I received invitations to be interviewed for taping TV News on East and West Coasts and have been invited to address the Macula Group of the University of California Berkeley Campus later.

On the http://www.hullcontact lens website will be seen the ‘Heart filled with Eye’ logo to be displayed by optometrists either after registering and qualifying as Consultants in CardioRetinometry with AntiCoronary Clinics (UK) Ltd. 20-22 Brook St. HULL. England HU2 8LA. Fax 0044 1482 227636. or providing services as a ‘facility’ for CardioRetinometry.

Eventually a USA University Faculty of Cardioretinometry will doubtless be sponsored by a philanthropist concerned for Public Health.

Remembering how we read in Observer newspaper, of a European ‘whistleblower’ having to flee his country and keep running when the profits of a major pharmaceutical company were threatened, back-up images are stored at a secret location. Other optometrists in the UK and now in N. America are already working on this and are to carry on the work if threats to me or CardioRetinometry become more personal and serious.

Concerned Optometrists, before recognition as 'Consultant in Cardioretinometry,' may enjoy free use of the service for their patients immediately, for the time being, by sending good quality images of one eye of a person for atheroma assessment. Blood pressure and medication information should ideally be included.

Because the service is prophylactic (arresting and reversing changes and preventative of actual disease) it does not need a physician’s approval as prophylaxis. It must be understood that as prophylaxis it applies to people with a retinal arterial atheroma grading of 2.5 or under on the Scheie scale of 0-4.0.

It is not available in therapeutic form for the treatment of what should be considered to have progressed and become actual disease, beyond grade 2.5. At these grades therapeutic reversal of arterial disease is needed and should have a physician's approval and request for such treatment.

To Recap: Up to Scheie Grade 2.5 is acceptable for prophylaxis. Grade 2.6 and more becomes treatment of disease, no longer prevention. This conforms with my statement defining the borderline in the UK optometric press (Optician Letters 9th May 2003 and again in April 2004) I would not personally accept patients beyond Scheie Grade 2.5 without a written request from the patent’s physician, to whom such patients should be referred when diagnosed by the Optometrist in the UK.

’Hearteries’ brand Vitamin and/or Vitamin – Nutrient supplements will be made available in the USA for reduction of the common atheroma. This occurs in virtually everybody. I am completelky confident, in view of the mass of confirmatory research linking lack of vitamin C to heart disease, thet the improvements demonstrated by the sequential images, which I regard as a reasonable surrogate outcome predictor of heart condition, will signify reduced risk of heart attack (Coronary Heart Disease) Stroke and Aneurysm.

I stated in the British Medical Journal that I anticipate the method being a better surrogate outcome predictor of coronary heart disease than electron beam tomography, principally because it allows more precise measurement by direct observation of the arteries.

Improvements should be accompanied by a fall in excess blood pressure (Hypertension). These improvements result as cholesterol dissolves out of the arteries - to be witnessed sequentially after the appropriate amount of nutritional supplementation has been determined in each case. There are very great variations in the amounts of the nutrients needed not only between individuals but in the same person varying with stresses.

Cardioretinometry led to the discovery of the existence of cholesterol blockages in the veins -against the received medical wisdom, as I stated in the British Medical Journal. In the veins these deposits add greatly to peripheral circulatory resistance. About five times more arterial pressure is then needed to maintain ssufficient pressure in the veins to return the blood to the heart. It may therefore be that CardioRetinometry has identified the cause of Essential Hypertension.

Send fundus images (retinal photographs) to e-mail protected from spam bots

The introductory service is free of charge in the interests of Public Health and the advancement of CardioRetinometry.

It is a huge undertaking however, and I am looking for a large USA group of optometrists to become involved and carry it forward.

Contact me through e-mail protected from spam bots and I shall try to answer all letters. Please note: People (not patients – this is prevention) should not contact me directly but via their optometrist, who should have a good quality fundus camera without which the service is not possible in the external ‘Facilities’. There are also special requirements for the camera equipment which are to be arranged with suppliers of fundus imaging apparatus and software. Manufacturers should contact me and optometrists should delay purchase of new funduis cameras until these matters are finalised.

The subject has been researched in the UK since the late ‘90’s but I was precipitated into action by the research of Professor Wong, demonstrating a link between retinal arterial changes and the later development of hypertension, which required my intervention in ‘Rapid Responses’ to his paper in the British Medical Journal. At that stage I had many successful ‘before and after’ images showing not only the apparent arrest of ‘ageing’ (if it is represented by arterial atheroma reduction) but instead of continued arterial deterioration, I have many imaged ‘proofs’ of actual arterial improvement over a six and half year interval.

As this is approaching 10% of a lifetime I think I can say conservatively, that trained optometrists, have it in their power to extend life. Sydney J Bush DOpt. PhD. Hull. England 4th March 2005. Refs: Wong TY et al. Prospective cohort study of retinal vessel diameters and risk of hypertension. BMJ 2004 329:79 (10th July)pub 2nd Jne. Bush SJ. Cardioretinometry Rapid Response BMJ 23rd July Bush SJ. "Emperor's Mew Clothes?" Rapid Response 25th Nov. 2004 Bush SJ. 'Optician' Letters 9th May 2003 and later in 2004.

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