Ton Boerkamp: Painting a Tahitian Noni Success Story

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"Currently worldwide people are buying a bottle of Tahitian Noni juice every two seconds," said Boerkamp, "and as of late last year had paid over $1 billion in commissions to distributors.."

The Netherlands is home to some of the most historical painters in the history of mankind. Names such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer bring to mind beautiful artistic works that have stood the test of time when it comes to greatness. And Netherlands native son Ton Boerkamp is currently painting his own success story as he expands his Tahitian Noni business on a worldwide basis.

Boerkamp has recently joined the family of Tahitian Noni distributors with a passion and drive that is a trademark of successful networkers. "It is very easy to get up in the morning knowing that I will get an opportunity to talk to folks about what I consider to be the premier business opportunity company in the world today. To be able to help folks improve their lives physically and financially by being involved with Tahitian Noni is a combination that all network marketers are searching for when considering this industry as a livelihood. I am grateful I discovered the Noni opportunity... and so will anyone else who takes a few moments to look at this great company."

Tahitian Noni International is headquartered in Provo, Utah in a 150,000 square foot corporate office complex and currently has distributors in 72 countries marketing the first noni juice on the marketplace. "Currently worldwide people are buying a bottle of Tahitian Noni juice every two seconds," said Boerkamp, "and as of late last year had paid over $1 billion in commissions to distributors. The network marketing industry has seen countless imitators spring up since Tahitian Noni debuted and in sports terminology Tahitian Noni would be referred to as a "great frontrunner", as they have continued to maintain their position at the top on a consistent basis."

The Netherlands has a prosperous and open society and fuss of any kind is looked upon as undignified and Boerkamp has integrated that tradition into his Tahitian Noni business. "In life, there are 2 kinds of folks: those that complain and never makes changes and those that make changes and improve their situation. The core of folks I am working with are positive and negativity is not part of the daily equation and in reality, how could it be? Being a distributor for Tahitian Noni is similar to being a centerfielder for the New York Yankees or President of the United States ... opportunities that few get to experience and I am very grateful that I am one of the fortunate few that has been blessed by discovering the Tahitian Noni business opportunity!"

Boerkamp had spent time in the industry previously working a program called Empowerism before discovering the Tahitian Noni opportunity. "My first experience allowed me to make an income but it was not the ideal match I was searching for. I saw an advertisement one day for Tahitian Noni and called an 800# and it felt like the "love at first sight" scenario. I knew I needed to take a closer look and thankful I did! " said Boerkamp. And with a closer look, Boerkamp found the complete package that makes Tahitian Noni an easy sell when Boerkamp is recruiting prospective distributors. "The Noni business opportunity is simple and very duplicatiable with a compensation plan that is geared toward rewarding distributors that are serious about building and supporting a downline. The products taste great and are life changing and distributors are backed with unparalled company support ... including the finest computer technology, telephone support and communications, literature and support tools to answer all questions immediately and allow distributors to focus solely on spreading the word about the finest business opportunity in the world today!"

All entrepreneurs that are serious about finding the ideal home based business program are encouraged to contact Boerkamp immediately for a short overview presentation that could change their lives.

"Timing is everything in life and the timing has never been better to join the Tahitian Noni family. I am dedicated to my distributors in helping them change aspects of their lives and enjoy the success that can come from working a successful home based business. I will see everyone at the top in 2005!," said Boerkamp.

Questions pertaining to the Tahitian Noni business opportunity can be answered by contacting:

Ton Boerkamp @ 0031558441616 ( or visiting

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