Howard Stern & Oprah Winfrey Help Launch Hot Pepper Nasal Spray

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One year ago this week, a tiny start up company in Albany, New York got a brief mention on the Howard Stern Show thanks to their flagship product known as Â?Sinus Buster,Â? the worldÂ?s first hot pepper nasal spray. Since that fateful day, SiCap Industries has soared from a tiny basement operation into a formidable up and coming competitor in the multi-billion dollar sinus, allergy and headache markets.

One year ago this week, a tiny start up company in Albany, New York got a brief mention on the Howard Stern Show thanks to their flagship product known as “Sinus Buster,” the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray. Since that fateful day, SiCap Industries has soared from a tiny basement operation into a formidable competitor in the multi-billion dollar sinus, allergy and headache markets.

Why all three consumer health markets? It turns out SiCap’s pepper nasal spray has built quite a reputation as a miracle remedy of sorts. Sinus Buster was first marketed strictly as a natural remedy for chronic and acute headaches, but it quickly became apparent this strange nasal spray also worked for people suffering from chronic sinus and allergy conditions. And now just one year after that first mention on Stern’s incredibly popular show, Sinus Buster is being is being used by hundreds of doctors, and more than 50,000 regular customers mostly due to its’ reputation for seemingly miraculous results. Yet according to the founder and president of SiCap Industries, there are two important celebrities he’d like to thank – Howard Stern & Oprah Winfrey of all people.

“It’s funny that the two people I have to thank for sinus buster make the most unlikely pair ever. I’m sure Oprah couldn’t handle being paired with Howard, but I think she’s in great company. First it was Oprah who gave me my start in the self defense business, and that’s how I discovered that hot peppers could stop a headache. But it was Howard who gave me my first 10,000 customers. That dude is no doubt the most powerful man in show biz hands down. His audience is diverse and they buy products like there’s no tomorrow. Pretty soon they’ll all be buying Sirius radio because of Stern,” jokes Wayne Perry, inventor of Sinus Buster.

Odd as it may seem, Oprah Winfrey did help him discover the Sinus Buster formula even if it was somewhat indirect. During the mid 1990’s Perry was a self defense instructor known for his controversial workshops teaching women to fight back against potential attackers using a variety of street tactics and weapons.

Perry’s “claim to fame” was two fold. First he was known for attacking students that had graduated from his workshops (with hidden cameras in tow), to see how they would fight back during an actual criminal encounter. Secondly, he was known as an advocate for hot pepper self defense sprays, and would routinely be sprayed by students with ”Real” pepper spray for live demonstrations. These workshops became very popular, and it wasn’t long before Perry was contacted by producers from the Oprah Winfrey Show.

After Perry’s first appearance, he was instantly cast into the limelight as a self defense guru, and he began touring the country performing demonstrations. After being sprayed with pepper spray more than 30 times, Perry had thought he knew all there was to know about the power of hot peppers until the day he found out it could stop most any headache instantly.

Wayne Perry had suffered from chronic cluster headaches for all of his adult life, but he had never been stricken with an attack during any of his pepper spray demonstrations. Then one day while preparing for a demonstration on a television news program, Perry was hit with a fast moving cluster headache. Though he was in excruciating pain, Perry continued with the live spray event. Much to his surprise, Perry felt his headache disappear almost instantly, and the idea for Sinus Buster was born.

Within a couple years Perry had developed his final Sinus Buster formula which was first used mainly by friends and family members. It didn’t take Perry long to figure out this sizzling nasal spray seemed to work for everyone, and it did a lot more than extinguish chronic headaches. There were reports of miraculous recoveries from a variety of chronic sinus and allergy conditions. It also turned out that Sinus Buster worked for all kinds of headaches – not simply clusters and migraines. Whether it was sinus headaches, menstrual headaches or hangovers, Perry received rave reviews from everyone who tried his formula.

During this period, Wayne Perry began working for a local television station owned by Clear Channel Communications thanks to his celebrity gained from the exposure on Oprah. By the year 2000, Perry had become a local celebrity thanks to his wacky commentaries for Clear Channel’s Albany Fox television station. Known as “The Mad Minute,” Perry’s commentaries were extremely controversial, and highly rated. Unfortunately his views didn’t correspond with those of Clear Channel’s management.

After Perry ripped apart George Bush’s victory in the 2000 presidential election, word came down from Clear Channel’s corporate headquarters to pacify the Mad Minute commentaries – or else. It turned out that Lowrey Mays (then Chairman of Clear Channel), was good friends with the Bush family, and it was made clear that Perry’s disrespect would not be tolerated on Clear Channel airwaves.

Perry continued to fight the system at Clear Channel for the next year digging a deeper grave week by week, yet the company continued to air his pieces for the sake of ratings and reputation. As 2001 approached, Perry became fed up with what he perceived as censorship, and after fighting with management over a Mad Minute about the pitfalls of fast food restaurants (which they refused to air), Perry cried “Censorship” to the local newspaper and Clear Channel immediately fired him after 6 years of service.

If you recognize the name “Clear Channel,” it’s probably because they are the same company that dumped Howard Stern from their radio stations last year. Perry’s ex-employer may own a handful of television stations, but their big bucks come from radio. Clear Channel is by far the largest owner of radio stations in North America.

After Perry was fired, he immediately moved the Mad Minute to local radio working for a Clear Channel competitor in the Albany market. Perry mercilessly hounded all the local Clear Channel radio stations with hidden microphones only to bring back devastatingly funny anti-Clear Channel comedy bits for their competitor. During this period, Perry also continued to market his hot pepper nasal spray. He even began selling Sinus Buster on Ebay with excellent results, but with no advertising budget, he just couldn’t get the product enough exposure to turn it into a full time venture. After all, Wayne Perry was a single parent striving to save his career, and Sinus Buster was bringing in a whopping $500 weekly (a nice sum of cash for a single working father).

Then in 2004, Clear Channel went after the “King Of All Media,” Howard Stern. When Stern announced that the company had dumped him from their stations (a tiny percentage of Stern’s markets), Perry saw his chance to connect with Howard.

“I wasn’t even thinking about Sinus Buster at the time…..I just wanted to tell my story about how Clear Channel had done the same thing to me and at that time people were questioning if the move against Stern was political. I believed it was since Stern was bashing Bush coming up on the second election, and I had bashed Bush just after the first election. Howard let me tell my story and I wasn’t even considering plugging myself at all since I worked in radio and I felt it would be rude. It’s professional courtesy especially since a plug is worth a fortune on his show. But then Howard asked me what I was doing now that Clear Channel had pretty much black balled me from the business. I knew that was my chance so I told him about Sinus Buster. He made a joke about it, but it was no joke to us. Within 24 hours, our website had been viewed by more than 100,000 people. We sold $30,000 in Sinus Busters for a 20 second mention on the Stern show. Where the hell else could you ever get results like that except with Stern,” explains Perry.

So according to Perry, Howard Stern is the one who got his company moving. Shortly after the plug, Perry was hounded by sales executives from Stern’s home station (WXRK), but as a start up company with no working capital, SiCap couldn’t afford to advertise on the show. Though Perry hopes to get a chance to chat with the Stern crew once again, he’s also hoping there will still be advertising opportunities when Stern hits satellite radio.

“We still can’t come up with enough cash to do a sensible ad deal on Howard’s show right now, but I am hoping we can afford to sponsor some contests or other events on his Sirius show. If I had an extra hundred grand I’d definitely put it into Stern. The guy’s an advertising animal. Thanks to him a hundred grand will be nothing to SiCap someday. Stern was definitely our spark,” adds Perry.

And Perry is probably not far off with his business prediction. SiCap did nearly $400,000 in sales during their first year in business. Not bad for a company that started in a basement, and never had any working capital to speak of. Moreover, SiCap officials say projected sales for Sinus Buster in 2005 should top the one million mark. And just think – it’s all thanks to the most unlikely of couples, Howard Stern and Oprah Winfrey.

To find out more about SiCap Industries and Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray, go to ( Sample kits and interviews are available for qualified media and medical personnel upon request.

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