Why Can’t U.S Psychic Spies Find Osama Bin Laden?

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Author Ed Kovacs is available for phone interviews to discuss the subject of the U.S. Government's present and past use of a team of "remote viewing" psychic spies. Kovacs' personal relationship with some of these ex-operatives has led to his exploring the subject of government psychic spies in his first novel, "Unseen Forces," where the heroine serves as a consultant for the government, tasked with using her psychic abilities.

Although the U.S. government officially shut down its Remote Viewing Unit in 1995, the unit was actively used by the CIA and other military intelligence agencies, to assist in sensitive intelligence matters for 23 years prior to its closure. Furthermore, there is evidence that some of these original psychic spies from secret units named “Sun Streak,” “Grill Frame,” and “Star Gate” are still being asked to use their paranormal skills as consultants to the military. If the U.S. government is calling upon its psychic operatives for this type of intelligence, why haven’t they yet found Osama Bin Laden?

Screenwriter and author Ed Kovacs, himself a remote viewer, is now available for interviews to discuss the successes and failures of this government unit.

“Obviously there is great secrecy among the RVers.” says Kovacs, “Some have died under suspicious circumstances in the past, and it is believed by many that they were killed by unfriendly governments. So you can imagine that they are reluctant to even hint at what projects they might currently be working on. Furthermore, it is entirely likely that Bin Laden uses his own spies to provide psychic protection from remote viewing activity.”

“Although this type of ESP is considered a borderline, or even an unbelievable theory by many, an article released last month in Pravda admitted that the Russians used their own psychic spies to protect Boris Yeltsin from their American counterparts. It is likely that Bin Laden has also created a similar protective shield.”

Kovacs novel, Unseen Forces, which The St. Louis Post-Dispatch calls “A spellbinding thriller that will keep you riveted well past midnight,” is set in the present day, and deals with the relationship between a maverick archaeologist and U.S. government psychic spy who form an uneasy alliance as they race across Asia and the Middle East to acquire an ancient Egyptian alchemical code, alleged to spell out the secret of eternal life. The story, which weaves together action, romance, conspiracy, suspense and elements of the occult, is based upon Kovacs knowledge of the U.S. government remote viewing programs, and also finds its roots in an actual 3000-year old Egyptian conspiracy.

Kovacs, himself a practicing clairvoyant, is currently on the speaker circuit, offering mini-seminars to people interested in discovering their own inner psychic. He is the author of nine produced films as well as numerous magazine and newspaper articles, and Unseen Forces is his first novel.

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