SHEC Labs (Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation) – Files for a Patent on Their Proprietary Heat Valve

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A new provisional patent application was filed with the Canadian Patent Office. The company has sought global protection on this technology. This invention is in the field of solar and process heating. The Â?Heat ValveÂ? has been designed for the efficient transfer of heat from one process to another.

Thermo-chemical processing plants require precise control of heat inputs to various processes. Controlling the fuel flow from a fuel supply to a burner thermally coupled to a chemical process generally provides this. In most chemical processing plants, process heat is distributed according to the process temperature and heat energy required. Excess heat from one process is utilized by another process in conjunction with heat exchangers or direct feed. The goal is to minimize the heat input and thus fuel consumption while maximizing the plant throughput.

Solar reactors such as ones developed by SHEC labs are now emerging owing to the need for renewable energy sources. Because these reactors are usually positioned at the focus of solar collectors, they are by necessity very compact and don’t have space for complimentary equipment such as heat exchangers. Heat exchangers require large surface area to be efficient at high flow rates. Another factor in solar reactor design is a single heat source of a focused solar beam and the difficulties in driving multiple reactors from one heat source.

This invention serves to minimize these problems by providing a mechanism to transfer heat in a precisely controlled manner.

This invention provides a heat transfer mechanism in which the thermal transfer properties are controlled by setting the system parameters and thus the rate of heat transfer in response to thermal demand.

The present invention provides a heat transfer mechanism where one end is thermally coupled to a heat source and the opposite end is thermally coupled to a heat sink or heat process at a lower temperature than the source. The thermal conductivity is controlled by changing the input parameters in real time and therefore the thermal transfer properties of the system.

About SHEC-Labs – (Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation)

SHEC-Labs a research and development company, is a world leader in providing solutions for the production of clean, renewable energy for the emerging hydrogen economy. SHEC-Labs, founded in 1996, has developed technologies to more economically harness the power of the sun, reduce the temperatures required for the disassociation of water and more economically produce hydrogen from fossil fuels.

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