3 Simple Ways to Naturally Stimulate Testosterone for Better Health

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Many men are not even aware that testosterone levels decline after age 40 which can lead to depression and lack of interest in sex. Here are some simple ways to naturally increase energy and libido.

The decline in testosterone as men age is a simple fact of life. For men 45 to 80 the decline can be heart breaking because it is usually first noticed with a lack of interest in sex. Right when most couples are getting the kids out of the house and have more romantic time to themselves…male menopause kicks in.

Male menopause is a gradual tapering off in testosterone production that begins for men in their forties and continues at about 1 percent a year. It is often overlooked as a major factor in men’s health. To make matters worse, there is a recent study that shows that there has been a dramatic decline of testosterone levels for men in the US for the past 3 generations.

Why is this happening? Rising health problems such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes or drinking and smoking cut testosterone levels, according to an article in USA Today. Some research points to the increased levels of estrogen in poultry that create the larger breast meat that we eat. Combine that with a general lack of testosterone producing physical activity and many men's systems are hormonally unbalanced.

Pharmaceutical testosterone, used by more than 800,000 men last year, has become a popular prescription drug for men who believe it can help them build up their muscles, improve their thinking, increase their libido and slow the aging process.

For Brian Ayers, the founder of Genesis BioTech, Inc. which makes the popular liquid sexual health formula African Fly (http://www.africanfly.com), the answer for increasing testosterone is not pharmaceutical drugs - it is good old fashioned nature. “Why inject yourself with artificial testosterone when your body already makes it”, ask Mr. Ayers. “All that is needed is a targeted nutritional supplement, a water dense foods diet and aerobic exercise to increase the testosterone the body already puts out.”

Here are the three ways to naturally stimulate testosterone

1.    Increase fruits and vegetables in your regular eating routine. The optimal level is at 70% of your overall food intake. Although many people may not get to that level, even an additional 30% increase can show dramatic changes.

2.    Exercise to exhaustion but don’t get carried away. Although any exercise is good, working yourself until you are breathing hard pumps your body into testosterone making mode. Of course, check with your doctor first.

3.    Take nutritional supplements that increase testosterone production. Supplements such as Zinc and African Fly help release the testosterone that becomes bound to estrogen as men age.

Men can enjoy a healthy sex life well into their 80s. All it takes is a commitment to following the same advise that mom used to give…eat your fruits and vegetables, take your vitamins and go outside and play.

About Genesis BioTech Inc.

Genesis BioTech Inc. was founded in February 1999 by Brian Ayers as a response to his grandmother’s illness and eventual struggle with the pharmaceutical drug cycle. Receiving orders for African Fly from customers in 30 countries around the globe, GBI is currently testing all-natural herbal formulas for arthritis and heart burn. For more information, please visit http://www.africanfly.com.

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