ICORP International Announces a New Form of Mass Media Has Arrived

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The computer industry and television have merged in an unprecedented technological achievement.

ICORP International has completed the system test to perfect the system technology, the distribution platform, and the associated matrix. Cal Burton, Technology Project Coordinator, has approved the final configuration of the technologies, and stated, "The system has passed every test by the major television networks who’ve examined our system. I fully expect that every network will give us a 'test-drive,' and that they will use us."

Rich Morton, Program Director, added, "Cal is right that everyone who gives us a test drive will be impressed, especially with the fact that they do not have to purchase anything to do so. Any network wanting to simulcast their signal on the internet can simply phone us, and that is it. We're always looking for new and different programming."

Martha Richey, radio network project leader, adds, "For the first time in radio broadcasting history, any radio talk show host who wants to broadcast live with streaming video can now have it. And anyone with a computer, in their home, office, or even via wi-fi hotspots, can now not only hear their favorite talk show host but see them live."

One of the comments made by a viewer attested, "Even at work, I can sit at my desk and watch breaking news right on my computer screen."

Unlike local cable systems or satellite TV, which offer limited programming based on the satellites and programming they offer, this system will facilitate any satellite programming meeting accepted broadcast standards. Any of the television, satellite, or program sources wanting to speak with ICORP International should call the number listed below for a system test. At the turn-on date, only fifty channels will be available, but within less than six months, they will up that to more than 200.

As unique as the technology system may be, the marketing and distribution systems are even more advanced. "The reason not everyone is doing this, notwithstanding the tech issues of live video streaming, is simply the cost of bandwidth. Our distribution system will facilitate more than 50,000 viewers at the outset, already. Since the end-user can watch any or all programming free, projections show that more than a million and a half will be watching/listening within the first six months in this country alone."

"The numbers explode when you consider that a viewer on a boat on the Amazon, for instance, with a wireless-ready laptop can view anything happening in the US, or the even the world," said Mike Lane, Marketing Director. "Of course, if you have a Blackberry or even a cell phone with video capability or net capability, you can watch video as well. The world of entertainment has now fully entered the computer age."

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