Who Inserted a Mutated Human Influenza Virus Into a Pig, and How to Prepare for the Upcoming Influenza Pandemic

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How to prepare for the upcoming influenza pandemic

Are communicable disease researchers blaming biological terrorists for the discovery of a mutated human influenza virus in pigs so they don’t have to shoulder blame for accidental release of the virus into animals? Is the alleged threat of an influenza pandemic a repeat of the fizzled-out Swine flu and SARS virus scares? If a worldwide flu epidemic ensues, will anti-viral drugs be safe and effective, or even accessible? Why does the Centers for Disease Control continue to say they are unprepared for a widespread flu outbreak when they have been planning for such an occurrence for more than five years? Why don’t public health authorities advocate any preventive measures beyond flu vaccination? Why don’t public health authorities address the role nutrition plays in immunity from viral diseases? Health journalist Bill Sardi seeks answers to these questions at http://www.askbillsardi.com

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