Hoodia and Green Tea Extract for Effective Weight Loss

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WARP 9 Caffeine Free with Hoodia Hits the Shelves.

From the farms of South Africa, Hoodia Gordonii is making headlines for it's amazing effects on weight loss. Media outlets from all over the world are reporting that Hoodia has clinically proven benefits on reducing appetite. One company has provided a Hoodia Extract formula that combines the benefits of Hoodia with Green Tea and other amazing co factors that are clinically proven to help with safe all natural weight loss.

That company is DynaPure Nutrition (http://www.dynapurenutrition.com) and the product is WARP 9 Caffeine Free. DynaPure CEO and President Dan Maiullo commented that the product contains a 20:1 Hoodia Gordonii Extract because the company found that other products that just contained Hoodia whole plant were just ineffective. "We found that many products contain whole plant had very little amounts of the effective glycoside found in their products. In our efforts to provide a better product for the consumer, we are using a 20:1 Hoodia Gordonii extract which of course is very expensive, but also 20 times more powerful than the regular whole plant" Maiullo said

Product formulator and Chief Science Officer Pete Maletto explained "I have seen the clinical research on Hoodia and it takes a good dose to become effective at reducing appetite, so we felt it was important to go with a product that the consumer can feel the effects. With that in mind we combined Hoodia with other natural ingredients like Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract with EGCG which can provide a one-two punch and makes WARP 9 Caffeine Free even more effective."

Green Tea Extract and it's EGCG polyphenol content has been studied by reducing appetite by positively affecting appetite reducing leptin levels. Besides affecting these leptin levels, green tea also increases noradrenaline levels. Noradrenaline is a chemical neurotransmitter that plays a major role in activation of brown fat tissue (BAT), which is the only metabolically active fat in the human body. Activation of brown fat by increased noradrenaline levels is significant because it burns calories from the white fat located around our waistline, hips and thighs.

Maletto said WARP 9 Caffeine Free is like taking four products in one. It utilizes other clinically proven weight loss ingredients like 5 HTP and L-Phenylalanine that also reduce hunger signals in the brain telling the consumer that they are full quicker. "We wanted a product with multiple benefits that anyone could take, so we removed the caffeine and powered it up with a really powerful Hoodia Extract and other beneficial ingredients to make up the difference."

The result of WARP 9 Caffeine Free has been astounding to say the least. Initial testing of the product found that the patent pending combination reduced appetite dramatically. The powerful Hoodia Extract in WARP 9 Caffeine Free is just one of the important weight loss advancements in the formula. It also combines other natural ingredients with benefits of Green Tea (EGCG) that provide the nutrients to produce an even greater impact on weight loss for the consumer.


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