When Planning a Vacation, Remember Your Feet: Podiatrists Recommend Packing Comfortable Shoes and a Few Foot Care Products

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Packing the right shoes and getting into a regular foot care regimen can go a long way toward making a vacation more pleasurable, when that extra care can really pay off. Podiatrists recommend NonyX Nail Gel for yellow, discolored toenails and CalleX Dry Heel Ointment for rough, dry feet or cracked heels.

Travel takes a heavy toll on feet, particularly for those whose vacations include walking tours, hiking or simply strolling around to see the sights. Packing the right shoes and getting into a regular foot care regimen can go a long way toward making a vacation more pleasurable, when that extra care can really pay off.

A recent survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) revealed that 65 percent of vacationers spend the majority of the time with their shoes on, demonstrating the importance of selecting the proper footwear for shopping, sightseeing and engaging in outdoor activities. According to the survey, "selecting proper footwear is paramount to foot comfort." In addition, scheduling thirty-minute breaks between activities, or taking time out to relax or read at a café can help keep feet in the comfort zone.

While comfort is essential, a majority of both men and women prefer the latest sandal and shoe fashions. However, while 18 percent of participants in the APMA survey admitted to packing brand new or uncomfortable shoes for trips, women were much more likely than men to sacrifice their feet for fashion.

In spite of a preference for sandals, open-toed pumps and flip-flops, many individuals are embarrassed to wear summer shoes or go barefoot at the pool or beach because of rough feet, dry, cracked heels, or yellow, discolored toenails. Carol J. Buck, CEO of Xenna Corporation, said, "Both men and women are concerned about how their feet look, particularly in summer. NonyX® Nail Gel and CalleX® Dry Heel Ointment offer natural solutions to the problem of unattractive yellow or discolored toenails and flaky, rough skin on feet or cracked heels, which are much more noticeable when barefoot or wearing sandals or open-toed heels. With consistent use of our products, toenails become clear and healthy-looking and heels are soft, smooth and supple."

Dr. Bruce Bitcover, a Lawrenceville, New Jersey podiatrist, recommends Xenna's CalleX Dry Heel Ointment. He says, " I advise my patients to take care of their feet on a regular basis so that when vacations roll around, their feet are in top shape. "

Newly patented CalleX® Dry Heel Ointment has been shown in consumer studies to significantly reduce thickened areas while it moisturizes dry, flaky skin or cracked soles and heels within 15 to 30 days. Diabetic-friendly, acid-free CalleX moisturizes dry, rough or flaky skin and contains natural enzymes that exfoliate and thin thickened areas, while leaving normal skin unaffected.

For keeping toenails attractive, Boca Raton, Florida podiatrist, Dr. Bret Ribotsky recommends using NonyX® Nail Gel on yellow, discolored toenails, which "cleans nails from the outside in." "Early spring is the time to start using NonyX Gel, so that toenails look their best by summer," he says. NonyX Gel improves nail appearance by exfoliating the dark, yellow or thick granular material called keratin debris, which can build up under nails over time. Patented NonyX Gel softens, breaks down and then clears out unattractive keratin debris using natural ethanoic acid. According to Dr. Ribotsky, "Using NonyX is like brushing your teeth; it's a cleanser for toenails."

A recent clinical study confirmed NonyX Nail Gel significantly improves toenail color and clarity by exfoliating yellowing keratin debris from under the nail. To view a recent TV news release on NonyX Gel featuring Dr. Bret, go to http://easylink.playstream.com/networknewssource/nonyx/nonyx.wvx

NonyX Nail Gel can be purchased in the footcare section of Rite Aid, Walgreens, Longs, Drug Emporium and most Medicine Shoppe drugstores. It is also available from podiatric physicians, independent pharmacies and online at http://www.drugstore.com and http://www.xenna.com. Callex Ointment is now available in the footcare section at Longs Drugs, from podiatric physicians and online at http://www.drugstore.com and http://www.xenna.com.

Xenna Corporation is a privately-held company which develops and distributes natural personal care products for skin, hair and nails.


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