New Book Will Kick Your Curiosity In The Rear End By Showing Why Most Small Businesses Fail And What Can Be Done About It

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Small businesses are going out of business at record rates. The question is why? Everyone wants to blame the large chains, franchises and conglomerates but small business consultant Mike Winicki say's it just goes back to the basics. Just learning how to make a "big fat noise" in the marketplace in order to get and stay noticed.

“Out of Business,” says the sign. “Closing down,” says another. “Get your bargains while you can!” If that wasn’t bad enough, you called a number in the Yellow Pages and find it had been disconnected. No one has to tell the average Joe that small businesses are failing fast. Just walk down “Main Street”, USA and see all the vacancy signs looking miserable and dejected in storefronts. What the heck is going on and what can be done about it?

Mike Winicki says, “The biggest thing that’s going on is that no one knows that small businesses exist anymore because small business owners aren’t doing diddly-pooh to get noticed!” Mike has been involved with every small business type you can pronounce for close to 20 years, both as an owner of multiple small businesses and as a small business “help” expert. “If there is one thing that destroys the ability of any small business to make money,” according to Mike, “It’s the inability to make a Big Fat Noise in the marketplace. Small businesses are languishing because no one knows they’re out there, so they had better start shooting their mouths off if they want to succeed!”

Mike say’s, “It’s not the big box retailers or the huge conglomerates that are keeping small businesses from making money ─ they’re guilty of doing it to themselves, principally, because they don’t know how to make “The Noise.” Virtually no one (or as much as 97% by Mike’s research) is marketing the way they should or need to in order to turn a profit.

Because of his experiences in turning businesses around Mike has written a book, Killer Techniques to Succeed with Newspaper, Magazine and Yellow Page Advertising. “Due to the level of businesses failing I wanted to show people that virtually any small business owner, no matter how inexperienced, can do advertising that is 1,000% more effective than what they are currently doing,” he said.

For information on the book and to receive a free report titled, “10 Things Any Small Business Can Do To Kick Its Profitless Days In The Butt”, just send Mike an email at or mail him at “Killer Advertising,” 834 South Union Street, Olean, New York, 14760. The book has a cover price of $14.95 and will be made available by March 31, 2005. You can also visit Mike’s website at


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