Word-by-Word, Dollar-by-Dollar, New Web Concept Raises Awareness and Capital for Worthy Cause

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This is the uncommon story of a difficult challenge that lead to the creation of a new marketing concept and internet technology destined to help many organizations raise funds and awareness around the world.

"It was the marketing challenge of a lifetime," remarked internet consultant Dan Hollings when he was first approached to create a web strategy to raise funds for a non-profit organization. "The challenge?" he continued, "How do you make money for a client's organization when the book you're client is promoting is a free download?" There was nothing to sell and requesting donations was just too hum-drum a strategy to spark any significant results.

This is the uncommon story of a difficult challenge that lead to the creation of a new marketing concept and internet technology destined to help many organizations around the world.

It began when author Eric Scheibeler, a former federal auditor and high ranking distributor with a level multi-level marketing company, released his 300+ page eBook "Merchants of Deception," and decided to work closely with Pyramid Scheme Alert, a non-profit consumer awareness group focused on educating the public of widespread fraud and deceptive practices in the multi-level, network marketing industry (commonly referred to as MLM).

"In a word," Hollings commented, "the challenge put before me was nothing less than 'daunting,' I've helped clients sell everything from eBooks, to websites, and personally I've sold internet training classes, eBay items, and full-blown web systems online for years, but making money off thin air... that's tough!"

In addition, this particular client was promoting a book that exposed an alleged global fraud by individuals representing one of the largest companies in the MLM industry. Was this a suicide marketing mission for Mr. Hollings, a respected consultant in this industry?

According to Hollings, after reading Eric Scheibeler's book, a sense of business ethics and a flash of creativity finally produced a solution for his marketing dilemma.

"I had been hearing stories of deception from both my students and from independent business owners (IBOs) for many years; but when I read about these same experiences in 'Merchants of Deception' it crystallized in my mind the depth of the problem. Our industry can do better than this," affirmed Hollings, "and I feel an obligation to help get the word out."

Next, came an insight on a new marketing approach. "If we can't sell the book" pondered Hollings, "maybe we can sell each word in the book. So many people have a story or opinion related to this book or a passion about this cause, we can seek a 'sponsor' for each word and link each 'word sponsor' to a page where they tell their story."

Word-by-word, story-by-story, the collective effect of many stories would achieve the goal of increasing public awareness. "One story is good," states Scheibeler, "but the collective magnitude of thousands of stories could be like 'dropping a house' on the perpetrators of these bad business practices. Millions of people have been hurt worldwide and such bad business practices are hurting an entire industry."

Dollar-by-dollar the concept is proving to be a winner. At $2 a word, the project called "Let's Get The Word Out" ( http://www.letsgetthewordout.com ) launched in March and sales have been brisk. "When we sold 104 words on day one with no publicity," smiled Dan Hollings, "I knew we had solved our clients challenge."

About WordyCause

Now known as WordyCause.com, this first-of-its-kind 'word sponsoring' technology is available for any worthy cause. Creator, developer and consultant, Dan Hollings hopes to apply his new marketing concepts and system to help other organizations such as school groups, churches, activist groups, animal advocacy groups, political parties, or you name it.

The WordyCause system integrates many effective strategies including folksonomy or the use of 'tags' to classify each word sponsor's story. These tags are picked up by other systems such as Technorati which regenerates or publishes these stories across the web, to other blogs, to search engines and other social systems. It's a well oiled multi-pronged approach that combines the passion people have for a cause, a book related to the cause, and an innovative web technology. "This is grassroots on steroids" says Eric Scheibeler, "and I have one word to describe it: genius!"

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