Inflammation & Heart Attacks - As Important as Cholesterol - The Causes-Remedy and C Reactive Protein -

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Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke- Written for the patient, explains the causes and remedies for Inflammation as well as other risk factors. Strongly endorsed by cardiologists.

The author, Christian Wilde explains how the book's information is helping patients all over the world detect and neutralize their inflammatory risk of heart attack and stroke. The Physician’s Health Study found that CRP,(C- reactive protein),an inflammation marker can actually increase the heart attack risk as much as 500%! Directors of Preventive Cardiology at major universities strongly endorse this book's information. To see or order it,, 800 214-8110 or bookstore. Under $20.00.

High levels of inflammation may trigger a heart attack in one individual-in spite of the fact, the person has normal cholesterol and little arterial plaque. Conversley, a patient who has a high amount of both cholesterol and arterial plaque but without inflammation may not have a heart attack.

Much of heart disease is known to be genetic. Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke explains how many risk factors that may have prematurely claimed the lives of past relatives can now be identified and neutralized in today's family members.

The information recently released regarding women's heart attack risk is important but what has been released only touches the tip of the iceberg. There is much more lifesaving facts confirmed by studies that have not yet broken in the national news that are included in the book. How inflammation specifically impacts women's lives is detailed and vitally important.

Written in large print, the 408 page soft cover book will prepare you for intelligent conversations with your physician. Christian Wilde suggests, no one has a more vested interest in protecting you and your family than you. The revolutionary book explains in detail the many things that contribute to inflammation and what you can do to neutralize them. It also explains the tests to identify both bacterial and viral low grade opportune and acquired infections that may have been silently inflamming your arterial walls for decades. How gum disease, obesity, smoking, Lupus, and arthritis increase inflammation levels. You need to know which tests to ask for and why you need them as 80% of the protective tests are not given the uninformed patient. Wilde believes, “Telling people about a problem without giving them the science to neutralize and solve it is a total disservice to the reader.” He also believes much of the remedy available comes from the natural medicine community.

The most complete information on the major risk factors presently in the news are discussed in this one book, Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke". Available at: favorite bookstore or 800 214-8110


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