What's a $99 Brainstorming Partner Really Worth? - ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software Is Worth Thousands in Expertise, and Millions of Ideas

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Brainstorming is taxing on... well, the brain. But the new ThoughtOffice software from ThoughtOffice Corporation releases your best ideas, using Associative Thinking, 9,523,680 words, phrases, and images to spur the mind to more creative innovations. New OSX and XP application melds 5 powerful programs into one user-friendly interface. Inspiration and creativity is just a click away, and starts at less than $100...

ThoughtOffice Corporation believes that not only are images and words the core of effective brainstorming... but RELEVANT words and images are the key to true innovation. The new ThoughtOfficeâ„¢ brainstorming software makes that a reality with interactive web-enabled databases of words, phrases, synonyms, keywords and images that are fast and easy to access, assemble into presentations and share with others. The Macintosh OSX and Windows XP program is being released for less than $100, and is available this month.

"We've always felt that brainstorming - really creative thinking - was more than random thoughts with the occasional 'a-HA!' moment. We are absolutely convinced it's about following 'threads' of ideas, images and words to more logical conclusions". Says Mark Alan Effinger, CEO of ThoughtRod.com, the inventors of the new ThoughtOffice innovation program. "Great ideas, the kinds that become killer products and valuable additions to our lives, don't have to be random. You can create them at will through the process of 'Power-Brainstorming' using questions posed by professionals; words and phrases expanded and connected by threads of association, and related imagery that triggers expanded thought. Combined, you have all but taste and touch to stimulate your mind to create amazing innovations".

The roots of ThoughtOffice Corporation's new ThoughtOffice software are the brainstorming tools of Tony Buzan, inventor of the visual MindMap, made popular by companies like Inspiration Software and MindManager; and associative thinking tools such as IdeaFisher software and Gerald Haman's KnowBrainer tool from SolutionPeople.

"We believe that we can quickly 'change the mind' of anyone using our programs" says David Lockman, currently heading up Online Development for ThoughtRod.com. "And if you change it enough times, it becomes elastic, constantly seeking new and innovative solutions to virtually everything, whether a process or a product. We see it daily in our work with these programs... and realize how invaluable it is in life... to be flexible, creative, always seeking solutions".

A free 15-day evaluation version of the program is available at Free ThoughtOffice Downloads. The free download is 100% functional for 15 days, and includes a demo plugin to explore the creativity-prodding questions, along with the stream-of-thought IdeaBrowser word and image association engine. The initial price of the program is $97, with each specific Expert Topic Module running $49 to $79. Expert Topic Modules are specific programs developed by PhDs and MBAs around 17 separate themes, from Idea Expansion to Advertising and Conflict Resolution.

ThoughtOffice can be reached at their web site, ThoughtRod.com, or by phone at 360-450-6888.

Can you truly be creative for under $100-bucks? The folks behind ThoughtRod.com hope to see many million of students, educators, corporate leaders and advertising creatives finding out through ThoughtOffice software solutions.

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