PROMT announced the new version of translation software: @promt 7.0 Family

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Based on the PROMT award-winning translation technology new @promt 7.0 presents the substantial enhancement in translation quality.

PROMT (, the technological leader in machine translation industry, announced today the launch of a new version of its @promt translation software - @promt 7.0 Family. With over 30 new enhancements, @promt 7.0 will surely quickly become the benchmark for others in terms of translation quality, power and flexibility of the interface solutions and customization capabilities. The software will be presented for the first time at the largest IT & computer exhibition of the year, CeBIT 2005 that will be held on March 10-16 in Hannover (Germany).

The other most important features of @promt 7.0 are the tight integration into Microsoft® Office System 2003 applications (Word®, Excel®, Outlook®, PowerPoint® and FrontPage®), spell checking capabilities* for English-German and German-English translations, provided with the usage of ORFO® software delivered with @promt 7.0, and image files translation thanks to integrated OCR from I.R.I.S.®. The @promt 7.0 software can easily open any PDF, TIFF, BMP or JPG file, convert their text content into electronic text and translate it. The highest level of translation quality of the new translation software is guaranteed by the superior linguistic algorithms developed by PROMT specialists. More information about the new enhancements available in @promt 7.0 can be found in Appendix 1.

Jeff Allen, MultiLingual Computing & Technology magazine, used the beta version of @promt Expert 7.0, “I have seen much improvement over the years in automatic translation software that has become more user-interactive and user-friendly. Now choosing different software packages containing features corresponding to a basic monolingual user, versus a bilingual occasional user, versus a fully bi/multi-lingual professional translator, shows that this type of software is useful for a wide range of users. PROMT software is one of several commercially available brands that I have regularly used, tested and implemented over the years. Many thanks to PROMT for putting into version 7 several fixes and features that I have suggested from the user's perspective.“

The @promt 7.0 Family includes the following translation software products:

•    @promt Office 7.0 is a translation software for everyday work with foreign documents and e-mails in the office or privately. The software provides fast and high quality translation of letters, newspaper texts, reports, engineering and financial documentation and even PDF and other image files (like PDFs, BMPs or JPGs) with preserved layout.

•    @promt Professional 7.0 is an excellent and convenient translation software for all demanding users who have to work with documents in foreign language of different kinds. The software suite offers enhanced customization and adjustment options along with the integrated learning abilities of Translation Memory. @promt Professional 7.0 translates image files, web sites and even XML documents. The extended integration and customization capabilities make this product a flagship of @promt 7.0 Family.

•    @promt Expert 7.0 is a highly qualified translation suite that meets all the demands of translators and localisators who urge to automate their translation processes efficiently. The software includes all the features of @promt Professional system plus a wide range of professional tools, the most important of which are the following: integration with TM TRADOS®, terminology mining functions and additional dictionary services.

The translation directions available are as follows: English to/from German, Russian to/from German, English to/from French, English to/from Spanish, English to/from Portuguese, French to/from Spanish, Russian to/from English, Russian to/from French, Russian to/from Spanish, Italian to Russian. In total 19 translation directions are available.

The network version of @promt Professional 7.0 will be issued in late June 2005. The complete list of @promt translation software products see at

The @promt 7.0 Family products are initially released in German localization for DACH markets and in English localization for sales worldwide. The shipments will be started from March 18. The products in English localization will be available by April 1. The French and Spanish localizations will follow in summer 2005.

All the software products of @promt 7.0 Family work under Windows® XP operating systems (Professional and Home Edition) and in Windows® ME/2000/98 and NT Workstation 4.0 with service pack 6 systems as well. Also, the Russian language support for language pairs including Russian should be installed. The minimum computer configuration to use @promt 7.0 should be as follows:

•    Pentium 166 or faster processor;

•    64 Mb RAM;

•    340 Mb disk space available.

The recommended retail prices for the @promt 7.0 products are:

1.    @promt Office    7.0        EUR 99,

2.    @promt Professional 7.0    EUR 295,

3.    @promt Expert    7.0        EUR 595.

The @promt 7.0 family products are available for purchasing online at PROMT Shop ( and at PROMT’s dealers and distributors.

Appendix 1. @promt 7.0 vs. @promt 2004: What’s New?

1.    Superior Translation Algorithms. The main criterion of how translation software works is the translation quality. The new version @promt 7.0 is built on the optimized translation algorithms that ensure the highest translation accuracy. It is achieved due to the new multidimensional architecture of the dictionaries which opened the new capabilities to improve translation algorithms.

2.    High Usability Interface of Flexible Linguistic Environment. The new interface in the style of Microsoft® Office System 2003 enhances the visualization of how the original text and translation are synchronized and features the usability options like easier access to customization options, more fruitful procedures of adjustment and editing.

3.    Extended Dictionary Volumes. The general dictionaries for each translation direction of @promt 7.0 have been increased substantially. For example, the English-German and German-English general dictionaries include now 700,000+ words and word collocations with translations!

4.    Image Files Translations. Now @promt 7.0 translates image files thanks to built-in Readiris OCR software from Image Recognition Integrated Systems S.A. Company (I.R.I.S.). The new @promt software can easily open any PDF, TIFF or JPG file, convert its text content into electronic text and translate it.

5.    Integration with Microsoft Office System 2003. New @promt 7.0 integrates plug-ins into Microsoft® Office 2000/XP/2003 Word®, Excel®, Outlook®, PowerPoint®, and FrontPage® applications which enables the user to translate documents, e-mails or presentations without leaving well-known applications.

The special plug-in for XML-documents translation is provided for Microsoft® Office XP/2003 Word®.

6.    Spell checking capabilities*. The spell checking software ORFO® lets the user to avoid the common spelling errors in the source text.

7.    Large Electronic Dictionary as a Stand-Alone Application. Now @promt 7.0 includes the Electronic Dictionary of a large volume as a stand-alone application for all the available translation directions – up to 1,000,000 words and word collocations with translations, up to 100 topics depending on the translation direction. The total volume of Electronic Dictionary exceeds 6,000,000 entries!

8.    More Specialized Domains. Users of @promt 7.0 are able to translate texts from a greater number of subject areas. Now the list of specialized dictionaries includes seven dictionary titles: Business, Computer, Law, Internet, Travel, Technical and Medicine (the four latter titles are new).

9.    New Automatic Procedure “Text-to-Dictionary”**. With the new procedure a user can automatically add words and their translations from user glossaries (e.g., tables with words or word collocations and their translations) into existing user dictionaries or create new ones for @promt 7.0 translation software.

More information about new features and options of @promt 7.0 can be found at

  • Now it’s realized for products in German localization only.

** Only for expert version

Appendix 2. See @promt 7.0 Family Feature Comparison (


PROMT, founded in 1991, is the world’s leader in the natural language processing technologies. The company provides award-winning automatic translation software and services for 7 European languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian, 19 translation directions in total.

PROMT offers translation solutions for the Internet, corporate Intranets, PCs, handheld devices and WAP under trade mark @promtTM .

PROMT’s translation solutions are successfully applied at NASA, NEC, Lucent Technologies and other companies. PROMT development platform enables system integrators to integrate the translation capabilities into the existed enterprise content management systems, document management systems, knowledge management, ERP, CRM and Databases.

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