“Radical” Website Meets Needs of Growing Voter Constituency

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Author Robert Rabbin launches online hub of global spiritual activism.

To address the needs of a growing voter constituency sometimes known as the Cultural Creatives, author Robert Rabbin has launched Radical Sages at http://www.radicalsages.com, an activist web site that will give the Creatives their own form of political expression.

Unlike the progressive MoveOn.org or more politically conservative sites on the Internet, radicalsages.com reaches out specifically to the 44 million people identified in sociologist Paul Ray’s well known 1995 study on American values.

“This population segment is not particularly political in its orientation, yet it has tremendous potential to transform the world,” says Rabbin. “The people who comprise it are united by their strong support of human rights, ethical business practices, the environment and sustainability, holistic health and spiritual development. They’re disillusioned with ‘politics as usual,’ but they want to make a difference.”

Rabbin, who last year successfully ran a similar website called TruthForPresident.org, wants to empower site visitors with information, inspiration, and opportunities to serve the global community. It’s not just an election-year project, he says, but an ongoing effort to motivate people who are passionate about peace, freedom and social justice.

“Mobilizing this loosely knit, socially conscious group could result in significant political upheavals,” says Rabbin. “Radicalsages.com is designed to encourage these people to get active, to express their spiritual values and to develop their political awareness.”

Like MoveOn.org, Rabbin’s web site offers opportunities for visitors to sign petitions, write letters and take part in activist events, but the Radical Sages site places emphasis on causes that promote social renewal combined with the advocacy of spiritual practices like yoga and meditation. The site also includes ways to contact government agencies and the media.

In addition, radicalsages.com provides links to other sites that would be of special interest to people Rabbin calls “radical sages.”

“I’ve dubbed this population ‘radical sages’ to describe their roots in transcendent beliefs, which represent the values of all religions and spiritual traditions,” he says. “A sage is a person of indisputable wisdom, and we need this population’s keen judgment especially now, at a time when there is a great deal of uncertainty concerning world peace and global economic security.”

Radicalsages.com also distributes under-reported stories and analyses from independent media to the national press. The site’s News Center selects newsworthy stories, opinions and interviews, and distributes them to its free subscriber email list and to a hefty file of media outlets. The news alerts are culled from scores of sources, particularly from independent news organizations such as Mother Jones, Democracy Now! and AlterNet.

“Education is a key component of the website,” explains Rabbin. “The alternative media typically challenge the status quo, and present the broader story behind the headlines. They represent perspectives rarely heard in the U.S., corporate-sponsored media and which are necessary for a more complete understanding of current events.”

While Rabbin describes radicalsages.com as a day-to-day venture, the site is geared to the future. “Armed with the facts and a broader understanding of what is really going on in our world, the Cultural Creatives, or ‘radical sages,’ can effect great change,” he says. “I believe our next national election will reflect a growing awareness that deep, spiritually based wisdom can have a radical impact.”

Robert Rabbin is a San Francisco-based writer, speaker, and founder of Radical Sages, the online hub of global spiritual activism. He is the author of numerous books, including "Igniting The Soul At Work" and "Echoes of Silence," and more than 150 articles.

Contact radical sages for media interviews, and information about lectures and workshops.

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