Offers Safe, Natural Remedy to Eliminate Ladybug (Asian Lady Beetle) Problems! provides a safe, natural home remedy to get rid of a common pest: ladybugs! Asian Lady Beetles have infested the land, but now there is a simple solution.

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(PRWEB) March 17, 2005 Announces a simple, safe and natural home remedy to get rid of ladybugs!

Joe Barton, the founder of, lives on an acreage in Minnesota, next to soybean fields (which ladybugs love). In October 2003, ladybugs swarmed to his brand new home.

After they invaded the inside of his home, landed in his cereal bowl, and started biting (they actually pinch) him and his family... he got fed up and began a search for a cure!

After countless hours of research and testing, along with feedback from other ladybug victims across the country, Joe put together a life-saving report called the Ladybug Removal Report.

The Ladybug Removal Report is filled with tips and little-known secrets that are helping hundreds and thousands of people get rid of their ladybug problems. is the only website offering a safe, natural home remedy to get rid of these pests - without breaking the law.

If you've had problems with ladybugs in YOUR home, please visit and learn more about this safe, natural home remedy found in the Ladybug Removal Report.




Ladybug Removal Report Ladybug Removal Report

Ladybug Removal Report - online ebook cover