Uncage the Creative Beast Within - ThoughtOffice Corporation Launches ThoughtOffice Brainstorming, Writing and Consulting Software for under $100

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Developing the next breakthrough product - or crafting the perfect advertising slogan - just became markedly easier with the release of ThoughtRod.com's ThoughtOffice Suite for Windows and Mac OS X. The new software solution makes light work of the heavy-lifting of dreaming up new and creative products, copy, titles, and solutions to millions of problems. A 9,523,680 word, phrase, and image search engine spark ideas fast and furious.

It's not Artificial Intelligence... it's 'Inspired Intelligence', or what your mind can truly create when prodded and intrigued by the words, images and questions provided by this fast, easy to use program

Need more than hope and a long shower to ensure you have that perfect idea, presentation, product concept or PR tagline now, today, at the 11th-hour? ThoughtRod.com has completed development of their new ThoughtOffice™ software solution that taps a 9,523,680 word Potential Lexicon and a keyworded database of unlimited images, along with over a dozen Expert Topic™ Plugin Modules that use queries from advanced-degreed experts to probe the mind for inspiration and solutions. Priced at only $97, this breakthrough creativity solution uses tried and true processes for generating innovations at the speed of thought.

"We've poured our complete intellectual database into this program, and have created a product that combines our most-requested creativity, brainstorming and business solutions features. Over 1,600 users helped define this new program. The results are substantial improvements in creative output... up to 5 times the actual measurable performance from individuals using our new programs, versus those without" says Mark Alan Effinger, founder of ThoughtRod.com and architect of the ThoughtOffice functionality. "It's not Artificial Intelligence... it's 'Inspired Intelligence', or what your mind can truly create when prodded and intrigued by the words, images and questions provided by this fast, easy to use program".

The system comes in two parts that are seamlessly melded into one program: the ThoughtOffice™ Session Window is an authoring tool for creating "Sessions"; Idea-inspiring processes of questions, words, phrases and images all combined in a linear presentation that can be emailed, printed or shown in a PowerPoint-like on-screen presentation. The free ThoughtOffice™ Viewer can be downloaded worldwide to view the presentations, mark them up, and the get them back to the Author for further iteration. Sessions are encrypted and tagged by the Author, helping to maintain the integrity of the ideas developed with ThoughtOffice™.

The ThoughtOffice™ IdeaBrowser word and image engine is the free-form creativity program, providing users with a tool to add words, phrases, definitions, keywords, synonyms and high-level language references, along with images, to the Sessions developed in ThoughtOffice™. Clicking, dragging, selecting and copying all result in some form of content applied to the ThoughtOffice™ Session. The programs come as a pair integrated into two simple interfaces that work in unison.

"Making the interface as seamless as possible, so it gets out of the way of the creative process, was of primary concern for us" says Chipp Walters, chief developer and co-architect of the product. "I believe that once you understand the simple flow of content in the primary editing windows, getting and staying creative is simple and fast. And we've validated it with feedback from power-users. These sorts of improvements in creative output are definitely more than accidental."

The ThoughtOffice™ program is being released with the user's choice of 17 available business-focused Expert Topic Plugin Modules, from Advertising Solutions to Product Development Strategies and The Creative Writing Process. More new modules are planned for release soon.

"Of the half-dozen software applications we've developed since 1986, this is by far the most ambitious and promising in terms of its effect on the world" says David Lockman, heading Support and Online Presence for ThoughtRod.com. "We've literally poured ourselves into this product, tapping the very best partners and the greatest thinkers to ensure that what our users receive is a product that they can, and will use every day. In the end, we hope to see people actually changing the way they think as a result of our products. And that is the ultimate result of our work here at ThoughtOffice".

ThoughtRod.com can be reached at The ThoughtOffice Web Site. Calling 360-450-6888 will get you through to the main switchboard as well.

The new ThoughtOffice Innovation Suite, along with our Expert Evaluator module, is now available at a price of $97 + shipping. Immediate downloads are available, as are a CD copy of the program, along with documentation in PDF form. Instructional videos can be seen at the ThoughtOffice Training Web Site. A free 15-day evaluation version of the program is available at Free ThoughtOffice Downloads.

About ThoughtOffice:
ThoughtOffice Corporation is a developer and marketer of creativity software and applications for advertisers, marketers, writers and coaches/consultants. With a focus on ensuring that credit goes to the creators of content and creative solutions, the company has developed a branding schema that ensures that every idea maintains its originator's brand, and that idea-people receive fair compensation for their content (hence the name ThoughtOffice).

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