Priority Master 2005 - A Quantum Jump in Multitasking Performance on Windows NT/2K/XP

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ScheduPerformance today announced the release of Priority Master 2005 to vastly improve the multitasking capabilities of the Windows NT/2K/XP platforms using multiple automatic prioritization methodologies.

ScheduPerformance is believed to be the world leader in multitasking software to vastly improve the multitasking capabilities of the Windows NT, 2000 and XP platforms. Translation: Now you can run all of the programs that you want and still have a computer that responds very quickly. "Get on the right list" with Priority Master 2005 Version 5.0 for Windows NT/2K/XP and end all of those annoying delays encountered when running more than one program at the same time! No more surprises and no more "out to lunch" because you set the priority permanently with one or just a few mouse clicks. Stop waiting for the CD or DVD to burn, the antivirus software to run, the print to finish, the file to download or anything else to finish. Run dozens of programs at the same time and still have a fast responding machine! Simply add your common programs (even system processes and invisible windows) into one of 4 different priority groups just ONCE and the program will always have the desired priority anytime that it runs. This includes the following ways to start your program:

  • The desktop icon, the shortcut.
  • The Start -> Programs button.
  • The program is started by another program.
  • The StartUp folder at system boot time.
  • The registry startup at system boot time.
  • Directly from the folder using the explorer.
  • Any time that the program executes at all!

Your important programs will get very fast responses even while the background is heavily loaded with low priority programs. You can temporarily change the priority anytime. The “Priority Jack Hammer" forces the priority that you set and will be enforced at all times. Get instant visual priority verification with the optional priority in the title bar and on the Task Bar. The default automatic "Foreground Boost" gives a massive priority boost for the foreground program or optionally excludes a list of programs not to be boosted. The right "List" is the future of multitasking and a quantum jump in performance!

Unique Power-Packed Special Features!

  • Integrated directly into Windows! Set process priority permanently directly from the desktop icon or the program name in the explorer using just one click in the system menu.
  • The Auto CD/DVD Burn Mode Status uses the MAXI-PROTECT Package to get the fastest CD/DVD burn time and error-free every time. Alternatively, you can set the burn to idle and get fast reponses from the keyboard and mouse.
  • The DEFENDER instantly puts all running programs into the Idle class with a single button. This means that your machine will respond super fast no matter how many programs are running. It can also terminate all running programs with a single button or rapidly one at a time.
  • The Hot list allows you to set the order in which the prioritized program's load at system boot time.
  • The Class Analysis feature evaluates your machines performance against its inherent maximum potential and reports UNDERLOADED, NOMINAL or OVERLOADED for each priority class.

Comes complete with a 30-Day money back guarantee, extensive Online Help, a dozen stunning Active X skins, a system tray icon with status reporting and it works automatically and silently in the background just as soon as the system boots up. Feel the power immediately when multitasking.

The website at contains extensive amounts of user-level prioritization and multitasking information. There is a technical white paper titled "Increasing Multitasking Capabilities on Windows NT/2K/XP" at and hub of related information at and very impressive testimonials at

Until now, true multitasking was actually very rare. Any moderate sized computer using Priority Master 2005 can get faster responses, more throughput and better multitasking than even the most powerful PC's available anywhere in the world. The 30-Day money back guarantee is to at least double your overall system performance for just $9.95! You have to try it to believe it!


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