Film Industry Gets Challenged by Bloggers First Film: Open Source, Grassroots, Free, Remixable

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"What's a 'blog'?". "What do 'bloggers' do?". "'Bloggin' - what's that?". "Where's the 'blogosphere' exactly?". To find an answer to these questions, TheWeblogProject ( has come to the rescue: here is the first Film for, by and about Bloggers.

"What's a 'blog'?"

"What do 'bloggers' do?"

"'Bloggin' - what's that?"

"Where's the 'blogosphere' exactly?"

To find an answer to these questions, TheWeblogProject ( has come to the rescue: here is the first Film for, by and about Bloggers.

TheWeblogProject premieres a revolutionary and innovative way to movie production, and one which according to its creators, may seriously start to challenge Hollywood in the near future.

TheWeblogProject is in fact the first grassroots film that will be freely distributed, via the Internet and via those very P2P networks seen today as the major threats to Hollywood own sustainability.

TheWeblogProject is the first movie in which everyone can actively participate by sending in video clips.

But there is more: TheWeblogProject allows anyone who wants to become the producer of a new independent film release.

TheWeblogProjects adopts and puts into action some of the key founding principles of the blogosphere: open, participatory, daring, collaborative, inclusive, created by the people, not by big corporations.

The movie will be: "The first open source, free, grassroots movie to support and promote the blogosphere where featured stars, producers, fundraisers and actors are the bloggers themselves."

The movie will feature interviews with the Top 20 bloggers around the world, selected by a combination of grassroots votes and technical indicators including popularity among other bloggers, uniqueness of coverage and others.

Into the final film mix will also appear many of the individual clips submitted by the bloggers directly participating the Project.

"TheWeblogProject is a movie to help people better understand why blogs are important and what it's possible to do with them" says Robin Good, who with Marco Montemagno and Massimo Stella, is one of the three project founders.

There's no charge to participate in the film and the project is fully non-commercial.

Who will pay for producing it?

On one hand the Project is asking for spontaneous donations from bloggers (and anyone else) who want to support the project and give wings to its many ambitious goals.

On the other, the project is open to selected commercial sponsors.

In another bold new and innovative approach TheWeblogProject has self-elected a set of targets companies and product categories that would represent their ideal sponsoring matches.

The selected companies provide tools or services that directly facilitate achieving the project objectives including for example hosting services, online visibility, editing and movie-making facilities, software, production and portable computing equipment, mobile blog accessories and tools, travel support, and a lot more.

One of the most interesting aspects of this revolutionary movie production is that each participating blogger will be awarded full rights to create his/her own version of the movie.

Each movie release will have its own title, editing, scene selection, and soundtrack as each participating blogger will be able to remix and produce a new version of the film by tapping into the vast library of footage and clips gathered during the first phase of the project.

"You'll be able to remaster, edit, transform any or all of the content into your own unique movie - your "personal take" on the blogosphere."

TheWeblogProject is the first movie that wants to enter everyone's home, via the Internet, a videotape or DVD.

Its mission is the one of helping to popularize "blogs" as a new communication medium while clearly explaining a) what a blog actually is and b) what blogging means in the wider context of the media revolution.

TheWeblogProject will be made available and distributed through P2P networks, the Internet Archive and through widely distributed online shows and podcasts.

To follow the unfolding of the project, TheWeblogProject publishes its own blog, RSS feed and will soon start showcasing clips of the first material submitted.

Stay tuned.

TheWeblogProject team:

Robin Good, new media expert and communication strategist

Marco Montemagno, web expert and host of technology show "Pianeta Internet" on Sky TG24, Italy

Massimo Stella, independent regist and film-maker

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