High School Teacher Makes Backup Retirement Plans

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The financial crisis facing many communities that threaten many pension plans have caused public employees to seek alternative retirement income sources. A 55 year old high school teacher is profiled.

Teachers, firemen, and policemen everywhere are finding it more difficult to concentrate on their jobs because of retirement fund shortfall worries. More and more public funded retirement programs are becoming dangerously close to collapse.

A new trend is emerging in which public service workers are taking matters into their own hands. Many in this catagory are turning to referral marketing programs in the hopes of brightening their financial future. Most fail in their quest to build a dependable residual source of income using this method and many actually worsen their financial condition.

There are exceptions. The majority of success stories have come out of the health products industry. High anti oxidant exotic fruit juice products such as Noni and Xango have led the way. Noni started some three years ago and the company claims to have paid over a million dollars each to over three hundred of their distributors. It may be however, that these two pioneers of their industry have reached or are nearing their point of saturation.

Two new entrants to the field emerged in the first week of 2005. Namely, MonaVie and Fruta Vida. Fruta Vida, which features a much lower start up cost and a pay plan that is more favorable to the "average guy" has outpaced and is distancing itself from its competitor MonaVie.

Ronald Carson, a 55 year old high school history teacher in the small town of Noble, Indiana, said, "MLM is a natural for teachers and other public employees because we have such a large circle of contacts." Although Mr Carson has no plans to retire from teaching soon, he has built an extra income of over $15,000 a month. He says it happened more by accident than by plan. Mr. Carson has become one of Fruta Vida's newest distributors and plans to move his "downline" to the new program.

Carson recommends that, anyone with concerns about the viability of their retirement fund, take backup action. He says that he would recommend a site called frutavidaplan.com as a good place to start.


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