‘Yellow, Orange... Red Alert’ - Is the Department of Homeland Security Elevating the ‘Terror Threat Level’ Because of the Couch Potato Tormentor?

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Is the Department of Homeland Security on a mission to protect couch potatoÂ?s from practical jokesters in their own homes, or have they secretly captured Osama bin Laden and are planning to torment him with the Â?Couch Potato TormentorÂ?. Could be either...because they just purchased one Online at: http://www.CouchPotatoTormentor.com

If a person's TV, Stereo, DVD, DVR, CD, VCR, Satellite/Cable TV box, Home Automation System or even a Computer with an Infra Red wireless keyboard is doing strange things it might be because they have been ‘pranked’. So before one disconnects all the cables, calls a repairman, the manufacturer, or Homeland Security they should check to see whether a practical jokester (often a friend or family member) has setup and hidden the latest new gizmo, the Couch Potato Tormentor.

The Couch Potato Tormentor is the most diabolical, though safe, effective and fun high tech product to hit the market in recent years. In addition to its many legitimate uses, the Couch Potato Tormentor is also the perfect practical joke device with application from the Bedroom to the Boardroom. It’s quick to setup and hide, (much smaller than a family pack of chewing gum) manufactured right here in the USA and best of all, it controls virtually all Infra Red remote controlled TV’s and other Consumer Electronic devices. It does this by recording any single button command from one of your remote controls. Then after being hidden the “Gremlin within” at random times from several minutes to a few hours, takes control by playing back its stored command. It does this 24/7 or until one decides to torment someone else. Of course the user may teach the “Couch Potato Tormentor” new codes as often as one would like so go ahead and have some fun. Those with a sense of humor are going to love this thing.

The rural town of Bullhead City on the shore of the Colorado River and under the neon glow of Laughlin, Nevada’s casinos is an unlikely birth place for the advent of a new age in consumer electronics. Company founder Marc Goldstone, a retired Principal Design Engineer for one of the nation’s leading technology company's, developed the patent pending ‘Couch Potato Tormentor’ for more serious purposes to as he describes: “Correct the inequity between those with the remote control and those without. Even though the typical Couch Potato watches nearly five-hours of TV each day, it’s amazing that within a few hours or days you can change their viewing habits while teaching a new found appreciation for the wishes of friend's and family. The applications are limitless. Parents love the ‘Couch Potato Tormentor’ because it can be setup to switch the TV from PlayStation to PBS, or off entirely. As use of the ‘Couch Potato Tormentor’ becomes more widespread, our family members and then society at large will learn to become more tolerant of others. Many folks buy the Couch Potato Tormentor for legitimate behavior modification purposes, and then afterwards they find themselves using it as a practical joke device. With these dual uses it should appeal to all.”

The “Couch Potato Tormentor” is a product of For Play Electronics, LLC the worldwide leader in delivering random time interval initiated remote control devices. We are now shipping globally, though instructions are only available in English.

The Company’s tag line is: “The Couch Potato Tormentor will neither slice nor dice, but for $14.95 it will change the way TV viewing decisions are made in your home and then it will be a source of amusement for you when used to play practical jokes on others.”

For additional Information, an interview or sample contact:

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For Play Electronics, LLC

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