Network Security White Papers Written by Security Professionals, not Vendors

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Its getting hard not to notice the number of large websites advertising white papers. The catch is, most only contain a listing of vendor sponsored marketing brochures. This isn't very helpful if you're looking for detailed information about a technology.

"Most of these sites run the same way," says founder Mitchell Rowton, "if you click on a white paper, you're actually clicking on a vendors paid advertisement."

SecurityDocs was founded last year to get around this problem.

"I was a consultant in charge of designing an Incident Response Team at a large company, and one of my responsibilities was writing a turnover manual describing how to operate this team," says Mitchell. "One of the things I did was collect as many detailed white papers about the topic as I could find."

This list of detailed white papers would later turn into

"It's surprisingly hard to find good white papers," says Mitchell. "Almost every link you follow offers the same thing. A list of vendor sponsored brochures that require you to register before you even read it. That's the problem that solves."

As security professionals began to discover SecurityDocs, it popularity exploded. One reason is that it doesn't require registration, even to view full length PDF and printer friendly versions of the white papers.

"It's amazing how much more useful you can make a site if it's designed for viewers and not advertisers. Take the category structure for example," says Mitchell. "Other white paper sites use the amount of money they make off paid vendor inclusions when figuring out what categories to have. You end up getting a category structure full of new industry buzzwords."

"We have a dedicated section that lists many of our authors, and they can choose to have their own biography pages if they want," says Mitchell.

The next time your looking for information on how to write a security policy, how to configure Nessus, or how HIPAA could effect your organization, try looking on

With over 2,000 white papers and 100 categories it's one of the most in-depth repositories of network security white papers on the web.

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