PepperSlim Herbal Infusion Hits Big With Health Conscious Consumers and Beverage Drinkers

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A small company known for big results with its hot pepper based natural herbal remedies, has created a new liquid weight loss health supplement designed to be mixed with nearly any beverage. This unusual concentrated extract of pepper, mushroom and cinnamon is said to increase metabolism and reduce appetite while promoting overall good health.

says Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries, the company that produces PepperSlim.

PepperSlim Herbal Infusion, a small company known for big results with its (hot pepper based) natural herbal remedies, has come up with a new liquid weight loss health supplement designed to be mixed with nearly any beverage, including spring water, ginger ale and green tea.

This unusual concentrated Pepper/Mushroom/Cinnamon extract is said to rev up the metabolism and reduce appetite while promoting overall good health.

PepperSlim Herbal weight loss infusion is a highly concentrated tincture derived from five varieties of gourmet mushrooms and three varieties of classic hot peppers.

The key to the sales success of this unique product appears to be the addition of organic cinnamon bark oil for an uncomparable taste that mixes particularly well with water, iced tea and ginger ale. Barely 5 drops of this strange formula mixed into a 16-ounce bottle of water provides results that are quite astounding.

The manufacturer also claims PepperSlim adds an energy boosting, thirst quenching sensation that really "kicks it up a notch" for any beverage.

“Not only does PepperSlim quench your thirst like nothing else, but it also reduces your appetite while helping to increase metabolic activity," says Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries, the company that produces PepperSlim. "The more you use, the more burn you feel.

"We also believe that PepperSlim helps boost the immune system, which also aids in the increased energy most people feel when they use it. The best thing is the concentrated compounds found in cinnamon and capsaicin could potentially reduce bad cholestorol and help regulate blood sugar levels. It’s a phenomenal product that deserves to be tested by the research world,” Perry said.

SiCap Industries stands for: “Science Of Capsaicin,” a well deserved moniker for the creators of the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray known as “Sinus Buster.” Released in late 2003, Sinus Buster has fast become the most talked about natural remedy, relieving a host of chronic sinus, allergy and headache conditions. Sinus Buster has more than 50,000 regular customers who first discovered this seemingly “miraculous cure” thanks to Oprah Winfrey, Howard Stern, the Wall Street Journal and the World Wide Web.

Perry, also the inventor of Sinus Buster, first discovered the medicinal power of hot peppers after appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show during the mid 1990s. Perry was a nationally recognized self defense instructor who suffered from chronic headaches. At the time, Perry was promoting his self defense video titled: "Beating The Crime Clock," in which he was sprayed with real pepper spray for the cameras.

After teaching Oprah Winfrey to use self defense pepper spray on her show, Perry quickly became known as a "Pepper Spray Expert" being sprayed by nearly every self defense spray on the market in an effort to test their effectiveness and publicize his video.

After his first Oprah appearance, Perry was deluged with requests from television stations around the country to perform live pepper spray demonstrations. Then one day while performing a live demonstration for a local television news crew, Perry was stricken with one of his debilitating headaches. He continued with the demonstration only to find out that the pepper instantly stopped his headache. Perry had never experienced one of his headaches during a live spray demonstration before, but he instantly knew he had stumbled onto something very significant.

By 2002, Perry had perfected his secret formula using several hot pepper extracts. Through trial and error experimentation, Perry realized that in order to be effective the pepper had to be delivered through the nose, and so he created "Sinus Buster" the world's first commercial hot pepper nasal spray.

Perry's formula quickly became a local hit and also proved to be much more than a mere headache equalizer. It turned out that this hot pepper formula also relieved chronic sinus and allergy conditions far beyond the scope of modern medicine. Today, Sinus Buster is known as a true medical breakthrough, and is backed by hundreds of physicians and researchers throughout the world.

In 2004, SiCap Industries and Sinus Buster got a huge boost from a small plug on the Howard Stern Radio Show. Sales boomed and calls flooded in. Next came an article in the Wall Street Journal touting Sinus Buster as the next big thing in natural medicine. Since that fateful day nearly eight months ago, Sinus Buster has become an international phenomenon with projected 2005 sales figures in the millions.

"Thanks to Howard Stern and the Journal," Perry says. "Once the ball started rolling it just continued to grow. Every month, Sinus Buster sales grow by 10% with a solid 28% growth every fiscal quarter and no extra investment as far as marketing. Most of our success is due to word of mouth and media exposure. Of course we wouldn't get that exposure if it wasn't for the fact that buster really works, and now we're building on that success with the launch of PepperSlim," says Perry.

With the official launch of SiCap’s new PepperSlim infusion, the company expects to become the world’s authority on natural metabolic health. SiCap officials say PepperSlim is perhaps the world’s first "true natural health tonic" that reduces overactive appetites while increasing metabolic activity.

Moreover, this unique formula is also potentially beneficial to the immune system through its’ high content of Polysaccharides and other compounds derived from the combination of mushrooms used in the base extract. Most importantly, SiCap officials point out that the combination of Cinnamon and Capsaicin could aide in reducing high cholesterol and high blood sugar.

There are many studies supporting SiCap's claims about mushrooms, capsaicin and cinnamon. In fact, two recent studies concerning cinnamon showed it to be beneficial for controlling Type 2 Diabetes, and for reducing high cholesterol levels.

One study by the U.S. Department Of Agriculture (USDA) showed that as little as one gram a day of cinnamon (one quarter of a teaspoon twice daily) can lower blood sugar by an average of 18 to 29 percent, triglycerides (fatty acids in the blood) by 23 to 30 percent, LDL or “bad” cholesterol by 7 to 27 percent and total cholesterol by 12 to 26 percent.

Furthermore, Capsaicin (the active chemical in hot peppers), has been proven to increase blood flow and help regulate blood pressure while also reducing appetite. Other studies also show medicinal mushrooms to be potential cancer fighters with super immune boosting power.

“We took everything we’ve learned from working with the sinus buster nasal formula to create a pepper supplement that could be taken orally. The result has been astounding. PepperSlim is so concentrated that only as few drops in a bottle of water or iced tea is equivalent to eating nearly an eighth of a pound of hot peppers and mushrooms. The secret to our Pepperslim base is our exclusive peppershroom extract. We start with creating an extract made from fresh Shiitake, Maitake, Reishi and Oyster Mushrooms mixed with Habanero, Jalapeno and Cayenne peppers infused in a natural very expensive 160 proof vodka. After the brewing process has worked for at least 30 days, we add Oleoresin Capsicum, organic Green Tea extract and organic Cinnamon Bark oil to the mix. It takes nearly two months from start to finish to produce one batch of the pepperslim base extract,” explains Perry.

The result is a concentrated herbal infusion that delivers seemingly instant results. This thirst quenching infusion adds a semi-hot (peppery -- cinnamon) flavor and aroma to nearly any beverage. Within the first minute of drinking PepperSlim, the company claims your appetite will be effectively reduced. Furthermore, SiCap officials say PepperSlim also increases metabolic activity and overall energy levels in a noticable way when taken as directed.

“Beyond the basics of weight control and healthy blood flow, we believe PepperSlim could also prove to be a natural fortifier for the immune system," he says. "Our hope is that just like with Sinus Buster, researchers will begin to study the potential of peppers and mushrooms ingested in concentrated forms through tinctures.

"There are a few revolutionary drugs available right now that include compounds found in mushrooms. It’s also widely believed by researchers that the low rates of intestinal and colon cancer in South America are directly related to a diet that’s heavy in Capsaicin, the key ingredient in hot peppers. We know it helps to boost the metabolism and it’s excellent for preventing blood clots that can lead to strokes and heart attacks,” says Perry.

When SiCap first introduced PepperSlim this past January, the product took off quickly thanks to a constant stream of visitors at SiCap’s main website ( Now barely three months after its’ initial launch, PepperSlim is selling in the thousands, and repeat customers are already booming. SiCap has testimonials from customers around the world, and many are using PepperSlim in more than just simple water.

“A lot of our customers are giving us specific feedback concerning the use of PepperSlim in beverages. The biggest winners are Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Seven Up, Aquafina water, Diet Coke and Green Tea. Especially Snapple Green tea with lime and Honest Tea Green Dragon. PepperSlim really does taste great. It gives a mild cinnamon taste to any beverage, but it also has that pepper heat sensation. The more drops you put in a beverage, the more heat sensation you get, but the cinnamon levels out quickly without overpowering the taste so it's the perfect addition to all kinds of drinks -- even martinis," jokes Perry.

Although SiCap officially recommends adding 3-7 drops of PepperSlim to a 16 ounce bottle of water, it seems customers are continuing to find new combinations on an almost daily basis.

Perry says the best thing about PepperSlim is that it won't overpower the taste of any liquid. It simply adds to the overall bouquet. So the amount is up to the user based on his or her tastes. SiCap also plans on seeking out a beverage manufacturer interested in adding PepperSlim to one of their bottled drinks sometime before summer.

"We're thinking a venture deal with a quality beverage company could be interesting and profitable. We may even have our own brand private labeled, but I'd personally rather hook up with a manufacturer who already has brand recognition and launch the product that way," says Perry.

To find out more about PepperSlim Weight Loss Infusion or Sinus Buster, visit the main SiCap website at ( Samples and information packets are available for qualified media and medical personnel upon official request.

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