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The insides of America's homes are 2-5 times more polluted than the outside. Dirt tracked into the home becomes dust, and this dirt and dust contains over 17 common toxins including lead, PCBs, and mold spores. The most effective antidote? The lowly doormat, as you will read!

Over the past several decades, exposure to pollutants inside our homes has increased dramatically - right now it's an average of 2-5 times more polluted than outside, and according to the EPA, many homes can be up to 100 times more polluted!

Without most people's awareness, this increase in indoor pollution has contributed extensively to a variety of diseases -- and to severely worsened conditions in those already suffering from illnesses - including allergies, asthma and other lung disorders, cancer and many more.

If you suffer from fatigue, dizziness, headaches, stomach discomfort, persistent cough, wheezing, sinus troubles, nausea or skin allergies, there is a strong likelihood that it is associated with the variety of contaminants and toxins that make up the dust and dirt in your home.

Though home pollution is only now starting to receive widespread attention, so critical is the issue that a massive 21-year study involving 100,000 children and their parents - called the National Children's Study - was just recently launched to catalog the impact of dirt and dust along with more widely known health influencers like diet and genes on health.

Stopping Dirt and All Its Contaminants at Your Door is Key

As with imploring kids to "Wash your hands" and "Eat your broccoli," when Mother's throughout the ages have commanded their children to "Wipe those feet before you step inside this house," they've been handing their kids crucial medical advice that makes most advice from doctors pale in comparison.

That's because an astounding 85% of household "dirt" is carried into your house from the outside (including on shoes and pets' paws)! In a separate study by 3M Company, it was demonstrated that with all of the dirt being tracked in, 1500 people (or you and your family entering your home 1500 times) can remove 42% of the finish from your floors. But the wear and tear and aesthetic concerns associated with dirt being tracked in are really the least of your concern …

“Dirt” -- and the "dust" it becomes inside your home -- is composed of many toxic and disease-causing contaminants including PCBs, mold spores, bacteria, asbestos, and heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury.

For a list of the 17 most common components of dirt and dust tracked into your home, go to

Once Inside Your Home, Dirt Also Becomes Contaminated Dust

Once tracked into your home, a large proportion of dirt becomes dust, meaning your floors, furniture, counters, fans, bedding and of course air can literally be saturated with irritants and toxins like those found in the list noted above.

Why is indoor air pollution 2-5 times more prevalent inside than from the outside, from where these contaminants were tracked in? Because your home is a contained environment - once inside there is nowhere for the dirt and dust to go but onto your skin and into your lungs.

Furthermore, the problem is far worse these days as doors, windows and other components of homes are built for energy efficiency to tightly seal in heat and air conditioning and keep the outside weather entirely outside. Like Tupperware, this tightly contains everything inside including all the contaminants.

It is impossible to prevent all dirt from entering your home, but you can dramatically reduce the volume (to the minimal levels your body is naturally equipped to handle) by using high-quality doormats made of the right materials at your home’s entrances and exits.

The “lowly” doormat – because it is an unusual but crucial key to your health – is really not lowly at all! KEEP IN MIND it is absolutely crucial, though, to use only high-quality mats designed to trap most of the dirt at your doors.

To See a Comparison of Doormat Materials and to learn why you should Avoid cotton, metal, wood, coir and other fibrous mats – and the type of mat used by leading organizations that you should also choose for your home – visit right now.

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