PocketMac® Safari Scrapbook Harvests Macintosh Users' Web History In Limitless, Searchable Database

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New Apple Macintosh Software Designed to Work with the Safari Browser

We've been getting emails and calls from so many Macintosh users who've asked us over and over again for this solution

Information Appliance Associates (IAA), creators of industry-leading Macintosh connectivity solutions, announces the new release of PocketMac Safari Scrapbook™, the first Mac software tool for Safari web browser users who want to make sure they never lose track of a single webpage they visit. This program automatically catalogs the websites Safari users visit in a searchable database.

Designed for Apple Macintosh, PocketMac Safari Scarpbook is immediately available at IAA’s website, http://www.pocketmac.net/safari_scrapbook.html. IAA’s other Mac software offerings are also available at the site.

"We've been getting emails and calls from so many Macintosh users who've asked us over and over again for this solution," Terence Goggin, IAA's CTO said. "They love using the Safari browser but hate the fact that their web history gets automatically scrapped after about a week. That's why we created PocketMac Safari Scrapbook."

This new program ensures that no matter what amount of time passes, Safari users will be able to re-find every webpage they've visited, even if they only remember a key word or two from the specific webpage they’re looking for.

Goggin continued, "PocketMac Safari Scrapbook continually archives the actual content behind the Safari web browser's history nightly into a rapidly accessed database. So, let's say you read a story 3 weeks ago about giraffes, you could use the program to locate that article by simply typing giraffe in the search box. It's just that simple."

Once a user's webpage is found, PocketMac Safari Scrapbook can launch the actual webpage in the Safari browser with a simple double-click. What's more, users can block specific sites or file types from being.

"Not only can a user have a complete, searchable log of where they've been, but they can make sure only the sites and webpages they want are indexed as well," Goggin added. "For example, since so many of the links from Hotmail are temporary, a user can make sure that no webpages from Hotmail are indexed. Also, if a user wants to block file types like php files, they can set that up as well."

The Macintosh software program has no limit on the amount of data it can store. This means the user can store several years worth of data without constraint.

Goggin concluded, "We're so excited that Safari users finally can make sure they'll never lose valuable webpages, even if they're not bookmarked. This is an incredible leap forward and very convenient."

PocketMac Safari Scrapbook retails for $17.95.

More information about PocketMac Safari Scrapbook can be found at http://www.pocketmac.net/safari_scrapbook.html

About Information Appliance Associates

Information Appliance Associates (IAA) is a world leader in creating unique software solutions, primarily for the Macintosh platform. Their first product, PocketMac Pro, the original Mac-to-Pocket-PC sync solution accomplished what at the time was thought impossible - connecting a Mac to a Pocket PC. IAA then expanded into other areas of connectivity with their Microsoft Smartphone product, their iPod product and now their BlackBerry sync solution.

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