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On April 2, 2005, People from Around the World will Pray.

On April 2, 2005, people from around the world will participate in a worldwide prayer event to support opening people's eyes and hearts to what is really happening in the world and inside each of us, and to support the truth with courage, compassion, and love. The organizers are mainly Americans who are dedicated to educating the millions of other Americans who believe that the Iraq war and America's other acts of military aggression are acts of self-defense or are pre-ordained by God.

We believe that these folks are largely driven by fear and faulty information, and that America can change its course when we are all supported to open our eyes and hearts to the truth. Letting go of fear and opening to love and truth can be facilitated by prayer, particularly if those of us praying have opened our hearts and are focusing with clear intentions. As scientific studies have shown, even plant seeds germinate more quickly when they are prayed for! And the synchronized prayers of a relatively small number of people can affect a community or an entire nation.

So we invite you to put your heart and soul to work in order to help build a brighter future for America and for the rest of the world. Step-by-step instructions are given below.

This worldwide prayer opportunity will occur on April 2, 2005, at noon, pacific standard time.

Blessings and Thanks for Your Prayers!

The Prayer Team.

# # #

Step-by-step instructions for the prayer event (or for any time you wish to pray -- modify as appropriate):

(1) 5 minutes before the prayer event, get to the calmest and most inspiring place you can given your situation, and either talk your friends and family into joining you (show them this email ahead of time so they know what the heck you're talking about), or convince them to give you a couple of minutes to yourself;

(2) To start the prayer, do whatever you need to do to open yourself up to and connect with whatever gives you your biggest sense of inspiration, passion, love, purpose and energy. Stay at it until you feel as connected and inspired as you can be;

(3) Then imagine that this inspiration, passion, love, purpose and energy are pouring into you, and then into every part of you, every cell and every feeling and every thought, giving you courage and awakening any slumbering truth that your soul wants to reveal to you. Remember to be compassionate and forgiving towards yourself -- its not easy to let light into the places we've been hiding;

(4) Then imagine the people you know who are afraid, confused, and closed to the truth of America's attempts to violently dominate other nations. Imagine all of that inspiration, passion, love, purpose and energy which you feel flowing into these folks, giving them courage and support, and awakening in each of them the truth of what is happening in America. Remember to be compassionate and forgiving towards these people! They are our brothers and fathers, in-laws and co-workers, friends and neighbors;

(5) When you are ready, expand this support and blessing to all Americans so that they may let go of fear in favor of love, and drop faulty information in favor of waking up to political and spiritual truths;

(6) Say a prayer of gratitude that we have the fortune to be teammates on a worldwide team of people with good intention, participating in healing, and helping to co-create a brighter future for us all.

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