How Does It Feel to be Strangled at the Gas Pump

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Reaching Washington politicians with a message should be easy. But itÂ?s not Â? particularly if youÂ?re trying to bring about a fundamental change in the American energy marketplace. The public is not up in arms about high gas prices the way they should be. Despite high gas pump prices, the public is not getting in the face of politicians that are in Big OilÂ?s pocket. So we made it easy. 31 seconds to rub on a decal.

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Gasoline prices are up and still soaring.If you’re looking for a reason, just take out your wallet. Blame those wrinkled papers with pictures of presidents on them – if you have many of them left. So what's the price of gas got to do with the shrinking Yankee dollar? Everything.

Your elected politicians will offer “cover-up” platitudes and stuff the public with phony rationalizations. Demand is up. Refineries are switching from winter blend to summer blend. Etc., etc.If you buy that, you’ll believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

Here’s the real deal. In the worldwide marketplace, the dollar is being hammered and has taken an embarrassing crap because of political games with the budget, billions dollars per month war spent on Iraq with no end in sight, growing government waste, pork barrel politics and a totally out-of-control deficit spending right here in the USA.


America's credit is plummeting – along with its respect by other countries. Everything is going to cost more. Just wait. The $75 a barrel price and $3 per gallon prices are just down the road.

With certainty, as the dollar goes down in value, the foreign oil cartels who control most supplies want more dollars to compensate themselves for their “dip” in windfall profits.

In the meantime, China is building up its industrial complex. And without a war to divert its cash,that nation is on a revolutionary roll. India as well.

With their new found prosperity at America’s expense, they’re cranking out cars and buying more oil, too.

Welcome to the new world of competition for foreign oil that America never had to deal with. But when the price of gasoline goes up, it attracts a whole hell of a lot of attention. But we are still fed the same kind of political lip service we were fed when the Arabs embargoed oil in the70’s, when gasoline lines stretched for miles around stations across the country and even when terrorists struck the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, by terrorists financed by America haters flush with oil profits.

Look folks, contrary to popular belief domestic energy sources have always been here, just waiting for people to notice, support and demand. Ethanol, solar, wind, hydrogen fuel technology. Politicians have an obligation to protect their friends interest. The “friends” that fund their reelection campaigns.Americans can use their collective clout to tip the energy marketplace in their favor. FOIL – the Foreign Oil Independence League – is leading the campaign.

Before it’s too late, jump on and help make alternative energy happen faster. None of us has to go it alone. With citizens banding together in a grassroots campaign, we can begin to cut America’s dependence on oil and replace it with patriotic, made-in-the-USA energy resources.

We can no longer let the politicians off the hook with denial of our foreign oil dependency and an energy bill that benefits nobody but big businesses here and abroad.


Pressure works! Thorough American history, the White House and Congress responded time and time again to in-your-face patriotism. But, only when they're convinced the people are serious. Minimum wage laws, workers compensation, child labor laws,women’s right to vote, higher education assistance,occupational safety and health, unemployment compensation, civil rights - they are just a few of the accomplishments that came out of public debate and protest.

We need to start a new political protest at home, to help bring about recognition everywhere that average citizens needs to help themselves when it comes to fuels and energy. ”Get Off Your Gas” decals are good start. They will make a social statement to spread ideas, pro-mote causes, urge conservation of resources, sway public opinion and unite people. With decals on their cars, the public together can do something constructive with their anger over high gas prices and the war raging in Iraq.

The public must put the pressure on wayward politicians that are selling us out and giving money to terrorists is simply petro-suicide. And it’s got to stop.

The sale of decals will help fund the biggest anti-terrorism billboards in history -- and help the public make the connection between terrorism, foreign oil and politics. Something politicians don't want to have happen.

With your “Get Off Your Gas” decal, you can symbolically shake your fist in the face of the disbelievers – terrorists, polluters, political hacks, bland non-profits and Wall Street money grabbers – and 4 3/4” x 4 3/4” vinyl static cling decal that is placed inside vehicle windows. Easy to attach and remove.



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