New, Flat Rate, Self-Scheduled Conference Calling Service, Featuring Unlimited Calling; My Conference Line, Announced by Metropolitan Business Council

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My Conference LineÂ?s aggressive pricing and Â?self-schedulingÂ? ability is aimed at replacing traditional conference call services and spearheading the explosion of conference calling into new markets, such as the SOHO (Small and Home based businesses),civic, social, non-profit groups and even far-flung families!

My Conference Line is an unlimited use, Low, flat rate, self-scheduled telephone conference call service. Its features make it the perfect replacement choice for users of traditional conference calling services. It is also an ideal entry product to disseminate the benefits of conference calling to smaller markets not currently using conference calls.

For example, take a conference call on a traditional service with 20 callers lasting one hour. The cost for this one call would be approximately the cost for 1 full year of My Conference Line service! In addition, My Conference Line includes unlimited numbers of calls during the year and accommodates up to 96 callers simultaneously with unlimited call duration.

Also, that firm using the traditional conference service would have the time of the call, and perhaps even the duration, dictated by the conference call company. They would have to squeeze their meeting into the conference company’s open time slot.

With My Conference Line, you are given a permanent call-in number and permanent participant codes, making it very easy for everybody to remember. You can use the system anytime you want, 24/7. That is a tremendous advantage to companies trying to keep on top of the fast paced business world of today.

My Conference Line uses regular, in the ground, fiber optics telephone lines. They are far more reliable and have better sound quality than VOIP (Voice Over the Internet), a protocol used by many other low cost conference services.

The low cost and convenience of My Conference Line gives markets that are generally shut out of the benefits of conference calling by high cost and inflexibility, a perfect entrée.

SOHO (Small and Home Office) businesses can now project the professional image of a larger company by hosting conference calls between customers, suppliers and agents. Busy realtors can save time and aggravation by getting the client, contractor, architect and bank on the phone at the same time, for instance.

Members of all types of groups, clubs and civic organizations can quickly hold on-the-fly meetings to deal with important, time sensitive issues, regardless of whether they are in their car, at home or in the office. They can also supplement regular meetings any time they want. They no longer have to worry about scheduling the time in advance or running up unacceptably high bills for the calls, no matter how long they are.

My Conference Line could also be a tremendous benefit to families with far flung members. Recently, one of the members of our company, in New York, used My Conference Line to connect with his brother in Phoenix, his sister in Los Angeles and his mother’s doctor in Scottsdale to discuss her condition after an operation. This was a very effective way of communicating as everyone could get their questions answered directly by the doctor, with no "well why didn't you ask him ___?"

A friend, just back from Iraq, told us how emotionally tough it is being separated from family for long periods. The loneliness and worry from not knowing what is going on with them can have a big impact on troops morale.

Calls home, "Morale Calls," are a huge treat. But telephones are a scarce commodity for Service Members in Iraq and Afghanistan and the calls to the States are prohibitively expensive.

My Conference Line can help banish worry and boost the morale of both the Service Members and their loved ones back home by allowing them to reach out and touch their whole family with just one call.

In short, My Conference Line is highly competitive with today’s conference calling services and uniquely poised to spearhead the entire conference calling industry’s march into new and bigger markets than ever before!

Metropolitan Business Council is in the business of Internet marketing of various goods and services via affiliate programs that benefit small businesses and consumers.


Bill Young, President

Metropolitan Business Council

New York, NY,

Phone/Fax 877-291-3642


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