Coaching 101: How to Manage a Team and Build a Team Atmosphere

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How to get people that work for you and with you to want to do things for you. Get enthusiastic cooperation from others.

How do I get the people who work for me and work with me to do the things I want them to do, without having to look over their shoulder? How do I teach someone a new skill and know that that person is capable of performing the new skill efficiently? When we understand human nature, the answer is pretty simple and consistent. The only way to get someone to do something for you is to make the person want to do it. And the best way to teach someone a new skill is to build the confidence of the person as he or she practices the new skill.

Make Me Want to

When I first began my sales career, my sales manager would attempt to encourage the troops by giving us pep talk every couple of weeks. He would come into the office and say things like, “Guys, the big boss is coming down on me because we haven’t been hitting our prospecting quota. Make a few calls so he’ll get off my back.” Or, “I want you to make 20 calls today, so we can keep our numbers up.”

His pep talks were always focused on how he would benefit from US working. Rarely did he stop to think about how we would benefit.

Within a few months, this sales manager was replaced by a man who really understood human nature. He knew that in general, we are all pretty self-focused. He knew that if he wanted us to hit our quota, then the best way to motivate us was to show us how hitting our quota would benefit us.

He called me into his office one afternoon and asked me about my plans for the next few years. In just a few minutes, he and I set goals for the next year that would allow me to buy the new car I really wanted, buy my first house, and take a three week vacation to be with my sister when my nephew was born. He showed me how if I made just 25 to 30 prospecting calls a day for the next three months, I would be able to have all of those things. I left his office on fire. I broke every sales record for the company that year.

That manager got me to see how I would benefit from the things that he wanted, and you can do the same for your employees and coworkers. If you really want to motivate someone, think about what that person really wants out of the situation and show that person how he or she will get what he or she wants by doing what you want them to do.

Martin Perras,, is a Management Consultant and President of The Leader’s Institute Canada, He offers management training and consulting to companies in the US and Canada. He can be reached at 1-800-872-7830 x103.

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