The Altoids Vending Machine and the Little Vending Company that Could

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A small vending machine company in Plantation, Florida has finally made it to the “Big Leagues”. Candy King of America, Inc. is proud to announce the signing of a unique marketing agreement with Kraft Foods Global to design and distribute the world’s first Altoids Chewing Gum Vending Machine. Candy King is now making these machines available to folks interested in starting their own "curiously strong" vending business through their newly launched website,

A small vending machine company in Plantation, Florida has finally made it to the “Big Leagues”. Candy King of America, Inc. is proud to announce the signing of a unique marketing agreement with Kraft Foods Global to design and distribute the World’s FIRST Altoids Chewing Gum Vending Machine. This single serving vending machine is the FIRST vending machine to target an adult audience and also marks the first time Kraft Foods Global has authorized a company to design a vending machine for one of its products. Candy King's newly launched website is the only place to request a quote on these official Kraft-licensed vending machines.

President and CEO, Stan Gladstone, says the idea to produce an Altoids Vending Machine came to him out of thin air. “I was in the lobby of a hotel with my girlfriend when I decided to go into a gift shop and buy a tin of Altoids. The thought just came to me that a vending machine that would sell 2 Altoids for a quarter would be a big hit. I knew I would buy product from such a machine, so why wouldn’t others?”

However, coming up with a Million Dollar idea is the easy part. Gladstone took his idea to the next level by contacting Kraft Foods Global at their corporate headquarters in East Hanover, New Jersey. “I simply found their address on the back of a Ritz Cracker box and decided to call them up to pitch them my idea. The receptionist thought I was a little crazy when I told her my idea, but she finally put my call through!”

What happened next is what separates THIS story from the millions of other stories from people who have great ideas. Gladstone put his nose to the grindstone and refused to take “NO” for an answer from Kraft Foods Global’s many layers of corporate infrastructure. “I am 54 years old and I just decided that for once in my life I was going to see an idea through to the end. I believed in my idea and I knew in my heart that the Altoids Vending Machine would be a great idea and people would buy Altoids Chewing Gum from it.”

After dozens and dozens of phone calls, Gladstone finally was given the opportunity to put his idea into action. Kraft executives agreed to take a look at the Altoids Vending Machine idea. But first Gladstone had to build a prototype of the machine. “I contacted a 70 year old mechanical engineer in Hialeah and asked him to build a machine that looked EXACTLY like a huge Altoids tin. After a few revisions, I believe we came up with a work of art … a machine that ANYONE can be proud to have at their establishment.”

Kraft Foods Global agreed with Stan Gladstone!

In the last three months, Candy King of America has purchased close to 53 Million pieces of Altoids Chewing Gum from Kraft Foods. According to Kraft Executives, this volume accounts for 20 Percent of total Altoids chewing gum sales worldwide! “I think Kraft was a little surprised how quickly the idea has caught on. We have exceeded all of their expectations and really caused them to take notice of how a small company with integrity and dedication can produce incredible results.”

While the unknown-entrepreneur-meets-global-corporation storyline makes for great copy, Stan Gladstone is convinced that it is his original concept which will stick in people's minds for far longer. Moreover, if sales of the Altoids Gum machines and vending routes continue at their current pace, it won't be long before they are a presence at your local mall, in front of large retail stores, and even in locations where you're not used to seeing vending machines. Two important facts point towards the continuing success of Altoids Gum vending machines: one, the uniqueness of the product, which combines mass appeal with an illustrious, high-end brand image, and secondly, the fact that the vast majority of the country represents an untapped market waiting to be introduced to this concept. expands on these insights and explains how Altoids Gum franchising and vending routes work in much greater detail.

Gladstone recently hand delivered a SECOND machine to Kraft Foods Global. The first prototype for a Mr. Peanut Vending Machine was delivered to Kraft’s Corporate Headquarters in January. There is also a new vending machine in the works to sell Kraft’s new powdered Crystal Light drink mixes.


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