Why Do Young Soccer Players' Passes & Shots Miss the Target? It's Simple, Their Feet Are In the Wrong Place - The Solution is SKORRPI.

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SKORRPI, an acronym for Shoot, Kick or Pass, is an innovative youth soccer training device designed to correct the problem & fill a need in the training process.

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There are many products, schools & instructional shows that teach individuals, adults in particular, how to play golf correctly. Grip, stance, swing, follow through are all elements analyzed & taught in minute detail. Comparably, there are innumerable trainers, camps & videos with the sole purpose of teaching young children soccer tactics & the skills involved in dribbling & juggling a ball. However, there is a significant, glaring disparity between golf & soccer teaching tools & methodologies. Golf instructors spend a significant amount of time teaching the basics of form & function to their students. Due to the nature of the sport it's an individualized approach. Unfortunately, in soccer, trainers have a tendency to overlook basic individual skill mechanics & teach a broader team interaction heavy on repetitive tactical drills & endurance training. As a result, the critical elements of foot positioning, balance, stance & the two-footed skills critical to shooting, kicking & passing do not receive the required degree of attention.

A new youth soccer training product called SKORRPI has been specifically designed to address the need & fill the skill gap currently present at all levels. SKORRPI effectively teaches young players how to correctly position their feet and maximize their Shooting, Kicking & Passing (SKP) skills. Additionally, it is a hands-off coaching tool. Coaches simply lay the product on the ground & demonstrate. The SKORRPI arrow directs the player to aim their plant foot at the intended target with the instep aligned with the center of the ball. Players then are taught how to strike the ball in order to effectively Shoot, Kick or Pass. The uniqueness of SKORRPI is that it accomodates sizes 3, 4 & 5 balls & is intended for players from 3-12 years of age. It is reversible so players can practice with both feet and has been designed for both indoor & outdoor use.

It is durable, lightweight, inexpensive & can be stored on the doorknob. SKORRPI is a brand new product recently debuted at the USYSA Coaches Convention in Salt Lake City. The device has received extremely favorable reviews from soccer organizations worldwide & is now available online, in stores & at upcoming soccer conventions / trade shows. For more information you can visit the SKORRPI website at http://www.skorrpi.com or call them directly at 866-497-9700. In summary, SKORRPI is a simple, very effective, soccer training device. Just lay it on the ground, position the ball, place your plant foot and SKP.


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