April Fools Day a Second Chance at Starting the Year New Says the Get Your Next Laugh Expert Valerie Pontbriand

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April Fool's tricks, are they so silly or are they quite wise? Celebrate spring, as a New Year. Earn your chance at a new beginning through laughter, tricks, and just plain fun. Happy April Fool's!

April Fool’s Day is just another opportunity for all of those who missed the point on New Year’s Eve! Four Eyes Joke Shop, the Get Your Next Laugh experts offer an acceptable reason to participate actively in the April Fool’s fun.

So many years ago, so it has been told, an old French guy whom we will call Charlie Number Nine decided to change the Georgian calendar. Instead, of the New Year beginning in the spring, he made it clear that January 1 would be the big first day. Gone it was were the spring time rejuvenation celebrations.

Well in those days, some 423 years ago, there was no CNN, Jay Leno, or David Letterman to tell the people with all seriousness that the rules had changed., ever so conveniently because Charlie number nine was unhappy with his social life and had some other king to compete with for the A party list.

Some, we will call them the “fools” continued to celebrate the coming of a new year. Heck after all, it was new, they were happy! Crops were being planted and the promise of a new food supply represented a Happy New Year. The Fool's would be fed, and they would feed. The fool's continued to go about their business of being happy, working and supplying simple things like bare necessities.

Charlie’s Pals on the other hand were offended by the fools ignoring the new party schedule. So began the word’s the April Fools.

What happened next friends? The Fool’s got their next laugh! All the while Charlie number nine and his pals called them the Fools, the fool’s had their folly. They played April Fool’s Tricks. They laughed, and they got a great energy from their laughs. The Fool’s never got invited to the party, but the fools supplied the party. Hello? Who do you think won?

Everyone has heard of April Fool’s , but who remembers Charlie number nine? Four Eyes Joke Shop knows that the Fool’s won, and why. Thus the reason that Four Eyes Joke Shop understands the importance of laughter. Laughter always wins.

Four Eyes Joke Shop shares methods of working laughter into private and public life effectively. Laughter is critical to success, in any environment. If you don't have it, or your people don't feel it, you are not going to win - period.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you are missing the joke. It is all about sharing a joke, a good old fashioned four eyes joke. Give, and you shall get. Simple as that.

Need some help getting it, laughter and a winning attitude? Visit us, in person or online http://www.foureyesjokeshop.com

Get your next laugh @ Four Eyes Joke Shop the best in jest.

Happy April Fool's - Use the opportunity wisely.

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