My Son’s Death Taught Me How to Live

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Just after midnight, June 20, 1988, the phone rang, startling me from deep sleep. Â?TonyÂ?s been shot!Â?, a voice shouted. Totally stunned, my first thought was: Â?I must be dreaming; this canÂ?t be true!Â? But, it was true: unfortunately, I was wide awake.

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Just after midnight, June 20, 1988, the phone rang, startling me from deep sleep. ”Tony’s been shot!”, a voice shouted. Totally stunned, my first thought was: “I must be dreaming; this can’t be true!” But, it was true: unfortunately, I was wide awake. I remember the 40-mile, 80+ mph drive to LA from Orange County, CA, the eerie silence of the hospital lobby as I ran in, and those heart-stopping words, “Tony’s dead!” “NO”, I screamed, “You're lying!” This could not be: My first-born and only son, gone! He had died before I could say I love you, before I could say good-bye. The room started spinning, then everything went black. And my life went downhill from there.

This was the nightmare Lyn Williams found herself plunged into, with the simple ring of a phone. She didn’t know at the time that her son had died instantly, before her phone ever rang. Yes, Tony was just one more victim of the drive-by shootings that plagued and terrorized South Central Los Angeles year after year. But, the horror didn’t end there. During the next few months, Lyn’s entire life turned into living hell as she mourned the deaths of additional close family members and became a victim of domestic violence, substance abuse, and divorce. Over the next seven years, she endured five separate trials and re-trials of the man who had murdered her son. But, that was then, and this is now.

Today, Lyn Williams celebrates life: her own life, and her son’s. She realizes now that it It was Tony’s death that really taught her how to love courageously and unconditionally, to survive the seemingly impossible turmoil, trauma and pain, and to forgive the past, in order to be free. Now, at the age of 53, she’s started a brand new life as owner and CEO of two new companies. Based in North Las Vegas, Nevada, her companies, and are now online. They provide women with information, inspiration, and tools for personal development and empowerment. Thanks to the Internet, women now have one place they can go to find everything they need to start up their life again ─ or for the first time.

On these sites you’ll find Lyn’s latest e-books, streaming video excerpts of her talk on forgiveness, affirmations, informative articles and tips. Very soon she’ll be adding interviews from her mentors (two best-selling authors on real estate investments and Chicken Soup stories), plus other business associates and established professionals from various industries.

One year ago, Lyn walked away from a 33-year career in Information Technology and a six-figure income to follow her heart’s call. Now, as a real estate investor, speaker and writer, she’s looking forward to helping others pursue their dreams of freedom and joy.

After recovering from the many dramas and traumas that seemed to define her life, she’s finally found the avenue to do what started that night her son was killed, 17 years ago.

Thanks to her skills in Information Technology, Lyn can now spread her message to women everywhere. That message is: “No matter what’s happening to you now, or in the past, you can create the life you want. You can overcome any pain, any violation, any mistake…if you can open your heart to the truth of who you really are. You are a creation of the Divine.” After all, as the old saying goes, “God Don’t Make No Junk!!”

Lyn’s mission is to teach every woman who’ll listen how to break through by releasing all the hurt and pain, which will finally set free the heart and mind. It’s simple, but it’s not easy ─ and it’s virtually impossible to do alone. But, using the tools and methods she teaches, the willing heart can be free to experience new energy, a new life.

Today, more and more women are deciding to start new lives and to live them the way they want to. Everyday women everywhere are saying, “Enough! I want a better life and I want it NOW!” Following your heart and living your dreams are the new trends for the woman of the 21st century, and it’s about time.

Lyn believes it takes new ideas and practices to break old habits and reverse the destructive thinking that has kept women bound in unsatisfying, unhappy jobs and relationships. She has practiced and refined what she teaches for over 25 years. She’s already walked her talk and is now taking her message to the world, via the Internet and through her speaking engagements. Her companies, and are designed to guide and assist women in transition, to identify their strengths, define their dreams and become who they really want to be.

Lyn Williams, writer/publisher, speaker, real estate investor, actress and entertainer, has been an independent business owner for over 25 years. She studied with the University of Metaphysics in Los Angeles, CA, and is still affiliated with the university today. She’s a member of American Mensa, the Inside Edge of Orange County, Church of Religious Science, Women’s Advancement Network (WAN) and WOVA (Women of Vision and Action).

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Mama Didn’t Tell Me That! – A 10-part, light-hearted, anecdotal narrative of real life experiences and common sense advice for women of all ages.

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