Zero to Genius in Sixty Minutes? ThoughtOffice Corporation Makes it Possible with ThoughtOffice Brainstorming and Creativity Software

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Moving from ignorance to enlightenment in critical business and life issues in under an hour might seem nearly impossible. But a new software program from promises to open eyes as it opens the mind and pumps-in expert thinking from PhDs and MBAs. Add a stream-of-consciousness creativity generator that combines 9,000,000 words, phrases, and images, and you have plenty of food for thought.

Becoming an expert in any field requires study, interest, experience and more study. But what if you haven't got the time to earn a degree in every area of expertise necessary for you to serve your boss, your clients, or your market? ThoughtOffice Corporation has developed software that opens the mind, provides professional inside information in outline form, and allows the user's mind to get creative with a unique software engine that pulls phrases, definitions, colloquialisms and images together using keywords. The end result is a linear outline that makes sense out of the creative process, and channels expertise into smart Sessions that can be shared, printed or presented with the click of a mouse.

"We've been working to accelerate and perfect the creative process for years now" says Mark Effinger, Chief Evangelist for, a Washington- based software firm. "But 'perfecting' is not what the creative process is all about. It's about exploration tinged with experience. Our new ThoughtOffice Brainstorming and Creativity Software provides both of those elements in a unique and highly effective solution that gets out of the way of the creative process... but intuitively organizes it so turning your ideas into products, training, coaching and applicable businesses is simple".

ThoughtOffice program consists of 3 components in one:

The IdeaBrowser is the raw creativity tool, using a 9,523,680 word and phrase database to help extend a keyword into a valuable concept and a stream of words and ideas. An integrated Image MicroBrowser allows the user to also tap into unlimited keyword-tagged images.

The ThoughtOffice Topics Browser provides an interface to tap Expert Topic Plugin Modules: outlines with comments, images and web links that prompt the user to think like an expert in any of over a dozen life and business critical areas, from Advertising and Marketing to Creative Idea Expansion. By paging through the modules, ideas spring forth. Each element of these 250-2500 query modules can be added to a Session File, which becomes the working document. Adding additional comments, web links and images is easy, and the IdeaBrowser is always at the ready to expand on an idea, then add the results to the Session File.

Finally, ThoughtOffice Viewer is a markup resource, allowing both the user and anyone they want to send the Session to, a way to expand, modify, comment and re-order their thinking. It also functions as a print engine and a slideshow viewer, making live presentation simple to execute .

"We are hell-bent on making it easier and more elegant to get creative and turn that creativity into productivity without the typical right-brain vs left-brain struggle" mentions David Lockman, heading Online Presence and Support for "By assembling every part of the creative process in a storyboard-type of output, creatives can quickly step through their process, hand it to a production or corporate linear thinker and get the creative process turned into a real solution. Once you have that experience, you can never go back to waving your hands and stuttering your ideas to the people who can help make it come alive".

Turning non-experts into geniuses in less than an hour seems impossible. But by providing the process thinking that PhDs and MBAs use to collect and develop their expertise, any user can plug into ThoughtOffice, pick an Expert Topic Plugin Module and reach inside the mind of an expert. And by having these cerebral processes in outline form, presented as comments and questions, the user can grab just what's needed, and explore. It's like grafting a little DNA of the Author into the User every time the program is opened. And the results are both accelerated learning, and the users own creative spin on the results, adding to the whole process.

ThoughtOffice Brainstorming and Creativity Software is available now. The basic program runs $97 with one integrated module. Additional Modules cost approximately $50 or less.

ThoughtOffice can be reached at or at 360-450-6888. The company can be emailed through the link on the right of this page.

Becoming intellectually enlightened in sixty minutes may seem far-fetched. But a quick tour around ThoughtOffice Creativity Software may provide some insights into accelerated learning, while still maintaining a completely creative view. With a free 15-day trial of the program available for download from the company web site, it's easy to see if that notion is possible.

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