AMGJ - Media Giant in the Making?

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AG Media Group's rapid globlal domination of the Christian media market is creating a modern day "David vs. Goliath" on Wall Street. CNBC is airing a special documentary entitled "God and Money" tomorrow evening, Thursday March 31st at 8PM EST.

Recent strategic partnerships with AOL, FOX, ABC, and even the venerable BBC, serve to confirm AG Media Group as the absolute leader in the Christian media field. The purchase of Christian products is expected to generate revenue of $4 billion dollars plus, in the upcoming year alone.

Mainstream corporate America has also apparently set their sights on AG Media as the #1 choice to reach the faith based, Christian community. With their flagship web property, receiving in excess of 12,000,000 hits per month, it is obvious that the resurgence of America's Christian faith which began after Sept. 11th, is more than just a reaction to fear. In its purest form, it is America returning to it's roots.

Tom Gardner, co-founder of The Motley Fool, made the following remarks recently; "What you will hear next may really surprise you. Since its IPO in 1970, shares of Sam Walton's general store have increased 5,000 times in value -- five thousand times­ -- transforming ordinary folks into investing club heroes and millionaires.

I wouldn't blame you for thinking... "I would never have found Wal-Mart on my own. And even if I had, buying the stock back then would have been way too risky."

That's a perfectly logical way for you to think. Some of the most respected academics and practitioners in finance jump to that same conclusion. But what if I told you that their beliefs rest largely upon a common misunderstanding, a fallacy?"

Tom goes on to explain in his newsletter that investing in small cap stocks vs. mid or large cap companies is quite significant. "Let's put it this way" he says, "If you'd invested $1,000 in large caps in 1927, you'd have about $2 million today. Not too shabby. If you'd have bought small-cap value stocks instead, you'd have more than $33 million."

The key word in the statement above is value. I believe not only the American public, but the world at large, is starting to see the value in their values. The things our forefathers valued the most, the things that have made America the greatest nation on earth, are the basic values of the Christian faith.

The title of CNBC's special report "God and Money" brings up an interesting topic. In the New Testament, Jesus mentions money more times than heaven or hell. The fact that money itself was not important to Jesus is evidenced by the fact that he appointed Judas (the thief), as the corporate CFO. The point I believe he was trying to make was how important money would be to us. I believe the lesson learned here is this, it isn't so much a matter of how much we have, but what we choose to do with it. It's also why I believe investors are starting to put their money where their faith is.

Christian Traders -, the internet's fastest growing faith-based online investment community first alerted its members to A.G. Media Group last fall via their international radio show "Prosperity for God's People". Earlier this year we selected AG Media as our #1 investment choice for 2005. Today more than ever, we are convinced we made the right decision.

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