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filing your taxes saves your time due to faster processing and refunding. Entering the data in an e-file is better as the chances of errors are very less. - http://www.tax-definition.org

– Tax-Definition.org (http://www.tax-definition.org) is releasing its second report on E-filing / Tax Tips

E-file Tax Tips for Individual Filers:


If you dread the long lines at the Post Office where people spend hours and hours to file their taxes, then e-filing your taxes is the best way out. Different websites and special tax software have made the job of filing your taxes much easier. E-filing saves your time due to faster processing and refunding.

Electronic filing is one of the two ways in which you can file your returns; the other one is through the snail mail. There are many advantages of e-filing your taxes: the chances of errors are minimal; refunds are quicker, more convenient, and faster than the usual mail or paper filing.

Doing your taxes can be very laborious and boring; it’s like an unwelcome annual ritual that you have to perform. Processing your taxes can become simple with the help of “Free File” web software programs and other tax software. The tax software can be helpful in case you decide to file your own return, but if your hire a tax professional for this work, then you need to make sure that the software he/she uses is compatible with yours.

You receive a confirmation from the IRS, about receiving your tax return, within 24 hours. In case your return application is rejected, you’re intimated about that as well. Once you get that rejection notice, you can re-work on the discrepancies that were found in your application and can file your return again.

In e-filing, the IRS does not need to re-type your tax return at their service center. This means that there’s a little chance of error from the IRS’s end at the time of processing your return.

The tax software guides you through the tax forms line by line. You are given appropriate directions to fill up the form with the requisite information. Entering the data in an e-file is better as the chances of errors are very less. On the other hand, paper filing can be difficult where the chances of errors increase and you can also forget to attach many important documents with the return.

It is a known fact that the people, who file their taxes through e-filing, receive their refunds in half the time than it takes for the ones who go in for paper filing. There are chances of your receiving the refund within 10 days of e-filing your taxes. The refund gets deposited in your bank account directly. More than 37 states in the United States give you the benefit of e-filing your federal as well as state tax returns together.    

While e-filing your tax return, the tax software guides you through the process of creating a PIN with the help of adjusted gross income from your last tax return and your date of birth. You have the option of choosing any five numbers (other than 5 zeroes) as your electronic signature.

The IRS has developed a program called the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, or VITA, that offers help to the people with low or moderate income, elderly, disabled, and non-English speaking. So, there is assistance available for everyone. And e-filing is gaining more popularity over paper filing.

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