Real Estate Investor, Author Dan Auito is on a One Man Mission to Set Consumer Real Estate Education Free Using the Web

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Real Estate Professionals Gather at to offer their solutions and advice at no cost using the web.

Unbelievable as it sounds Auito has declined to follow industry norms in taking advantage of his position and influence in real estate. Asked why he doesn’t ask for a dime for his part in networking up the consumer real estate education industry at Auito again stressed the fact that this is not about the money.

Auito said people just can’t seem to understand why anyone would try and help others without finding a way to profit from the effort. Indeed he said there is tremendous profit in the form of continental synergistic support, everybody who understands this fact wins.

People have lost their compassion as a result of constant abuse of the publics trust, paid promotion and joint ventures work to the publics undoing in many cases due to the fact that book reviewers, editorial staffs, and many insiders are paid to speak on behalf of the individuals who are signing their checks!

Where has the purpose, passion and desire gone? Is there no heart left in America? Auito has confessed to the fact that his main mission is to build a network of honest, caring and sincere real estate professionals who freely give their best advice to those who seek it at no charge. If people like what they see, hear and feel they will naturally search out more in depth information from the professional that earns their trust.

With big name professionals joining up and stopping in regularly to answer every conceivable real estate related question that could be asked, Auito is proving that his model works. He said as more people become aware of and its forum of human capital that powers its success, the model only gains the strength and resources that people need to succeed.

Auito admits that the very nature of the forum itself holds people accountable to their word, when someone makes a promise then every member holds that individual responsible for following through on those grounds. Again they can’t pay someone off for a favorable review as the thousands of visitors are there to inevitably chastise and forever banish those with self-serving underlying motives.

Many people will never understand this mindset and that also works to Auito’s advantage as he says, those who can’t understand it are exactly the types of people who are most generally found to be out for themselves, in addition when someone does try to play by their own rules they quickly find that those old ways of doing business have been replaced while they were busy focusing only on themselves.

Dan has to laugh when he says: It’s a very sweet model as it self corrects those who seek to go against the principles of natural law.

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