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What are your customers really thinking? How do their thoughts affect your sales? How can you close more sales? Which marketing method should you use? These questions, asked by every CEO and entrepreneur, are answered in Kristin ZhivagoÂ?s breakthrough business book, Rivers of Revenue.

All company leaders struggle to market and sell their products successfully. As they do so, they have many questions. Rivers of Revenue, written by a Kristin Zhivago, a 35-year marketing veteran, answers these burning questions, in a new and refreshing way. The book has been praised by readers and reviewers as containing new revenue-increasing perspectives and processes, while being easy to read.

Questions the book answers include:

--How can I avoid getting blind-sided by rapid changes in my market or industry?

--How can I find out what my customers really want?

--What do customers say about us when we're not in the room?

--How can I get my customer's attention?

--How can I close more sales?

--How can I beat my competition?

--Which marketing method should I use?

--What should my messages say?

--How can I stop the battles between marketing, sales and I.T.-once and for all?

--What should my brand be?

--How do I manage and improve it?

--What price should I charge?

"People who start companies or who rise up through the ranks to become CEO usually specialize in a particular aspect of business," say Zhivago says. "Those who don't come from a sales or marketing background are at a distinct disadvantage. Successful marketing and selling is not something you pick up overnight. Lessons are learned over time, and each situation is different. What worked for one type of product or service won't work for another. So often we see a CEO hire a marketing person because of their success at another company or in another industry, only to find that the lessons that person learned in their previous situation aren't transferable. Rivers of Revenue is designed to give any business owner the tools needed to find the right course of action, quickly and efficiently."

Ironically, getting the answers to the toughest marketing and selling questions requires that you interview the very people you're trying to sell to. "People are actually happy to tell you what they want from you and how they want you to sell to them," Zhivago says. "But you have to ask them correctly. For example, you can't sell during an interview call. The minute you stop interviewing and start selling, they will stop wanting to help you. They will become recalcitrant buyer. They will clam up."

Rivers of Revenue teaches interviewing techniques that Zhivago has perfected while conducting thousands of customer interviews for her clients. "The information you glean from these interviews sets the foundation for your marketing and selling strategies" she says. "The rest of the book explains how to take that information and turn it into new revenue streams. It helps you understand how to build a company that consistently and profitably keeps its promises to customers. Keeping that promise is the essence of your brand."

Wayne Hurlbert, writing in his blog (, says that "Kristin Zhivago teaches, in easy-to-understand step-by-step lessons, how to find what your customers want and need in the way of products, services, and customer support. Your customers will enjoy buying from you, as a person who supports them in their goals. As a result, the Rivers of Revenue will flow freely for everyone."

David Jackson is president of David Jackson Remodeling, a full-service remodeling company in south central Kentucky, says "Rivers of Revenue" has given him "336 pages of intelligent, usable, realistic, pertinent information."

The book's author, revenue generation coach Kristin Zhivago, is known as an expert on customer behavior. For 35 years, Zhivago has been helping company owners increase their revenues in the world's toughest, fastest-moving markets. As a monthly columnist and contributor to business publications since 1985, she has authored hundreds of articles and is a worldwide speaker on the subject of successful and ethical revenue generation. She founded Zhivago Marketing Partners, Inc. in Silicon Valley in 1979, and moved to a waterfront location in Rhode Island in 1996. She is the editor of the Revenue Journal, a blog for CEOs and small business owners (

With a five-star review rating on, Rivers of Revenue is published by Smokin' Donut Books and is currently available at and The hardcover book retails for $24.95 and is 336 pages. ISBN #0974917915. For more information or to schedule an interview with Kristin Zhivago, contact Smokin' Donut Books at 877-474-8738 or


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