Spinks Releases Second Book on Money, Power, Respect

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Gerard Spinks releases his second book called "The Baller's Guide to MAJOR Figure$" as a follow up to the highly successful and critically acclaimed "How To Be Rich, Nagga" of 2004.

Gerard Spinks, writer and publisher of "How To Be Rich, Nagga" which was released in 2004, has just released his second book in as many years titled "The Baller's Guide to MAJOR Figure$". Gerard Spinks is the CEO and President of a technology consulting firm and a real estate investing firm and is a prominent young African-American male living in New York and Atlanta.

"The Baller's Guide to MAJOR Figure$" is an add-on book to "How To Be Rich, Nagga" and goes in greater detail in helping urban hip hop youth and adults to create companies, create businesses, and create wealth. The books are written in American slang and are specifically targeted to hip hop audiences worldwide.

Both of Gerard Spinks' books address a huge problem in the black community and a huge audience that is overlooked in terms of wealth education: urban youth. In today's poor economic climate, people want to blame black youth on the problems instead of truly educating the hip hop youth on how to make money. Gerard Spinks bridges this gap and directly addresses and helps urban youth learn how to make money for the long term.

Gerard states "The books are selling like crazy. In 2004, my book was picked up by Borders bookstores, Barnes and Nobles, Marcus Books of San Francisco, and Karibu bookstores of Washington, D.C.. I was told that none of these retail stores typically order directly from a first time author and because of the content and quality of my books, the buyers liked them and continue to order the books to date. I am very blessed and look forward to continuing in my family's tradition of helping and supporting black and urban youth."

Gerard Spinks was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois and is a relative of the American boxing Spinks family of East Saint Louis, Illinois. Gerard was brought up in a low income section of Peoria, Illinois and uses his real world experiences of athletic achievement, business achievement, and real estate investing to help people build their own wealth and income in order to build strong families within the hip hop community.

"The Baller's Guide to MAJOR Figure$" will be out in retail stores in June 2005 and will be part of a three book box set which will be released in September 2005. The three book set includes three of Gerard Spinks' book titles: "How To Be Rich, Nagga", "The Baller's Guide to MAJOR Figure$", and "The Gth Condition:2010".

Gerard Spinks owns and runs a technology consulting practice that installs and integrates Oracle applications and electronic business systems for major U.S. Corporations. Additionally, Gerard in a savvy real estate investor who invests in multi-family properties in Atlanta, GA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Philadelphia, PA.

In 2005, Mr. Spinks purchased over 12 pieces of property and in 2006 will purchase over 24 pieces of property in the United States. In 2007, The Spinks Built real estate company will buy apartment complexes within the inner city, rehab them, and rent them to low-income families in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Mr. Spinks encourages all people to continue to fulfill their dreams and keep on pressing on regardless of what negative forces you encounter along your path. Mr. Spinks says "We need you, we need your dreams, and we need your ideas."

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