The World Series of Poker Attracts all Kinds

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Known for attracting some rather colorful and unique characters, the 2005 WSOP will have its share. Thanks to the Pink Bunny

First there was Moneymaker, a guy who everyone thought made up his name, then came Fossilman, who used a real fossils to protect his hand and even sold the things on the side.

Now comes The Pink Bunny...what, yes, we said The Pink Bunny. As unbelievable as it seems, a young man named Jeremy Enke will being wearing a Pink Bunny suit at the tables of the 2005 WSOP. Like that wasn’t out there enough, this young entrepreneur agreed to wear the suit everywhere he goes while at the WSOP.

The first thought that came to our mind when we read about this was, pity the poor drunk, who sitting at the bar getting gracefully stoned, looks up only to see a Pink Bunny walking through the lobby of the casino. It will either be time to order a double or to give the sauce up for the rest of his life.

Enke has done amazing things in his short business career. He has been known for a long time as one of the top affiliates of Party Poker, authoring a best selling book along the way that explains his marketing techniques. He has started several successful web sites which include, and In his spare time he administers one of the premier affiliate forums on the web

This, however, has got to be his greatest marketing stunt ever. Capitalizing on the ever increasing fascination with body advertising, Enke originally had the concept on Ebay for a couple of weeks. There was enormous interest but the minimum bid amount was a bit to rich. Never one to give up, Enke put the bunny back up, but this time with no reserve. This guaranteed he would be wearing the Pink Bunny suit no matter what the bid. The bidding seemed all but over when it reached the $7600.00 mark. Enke even commented on his own forum that it surprised him it had gotten that high.

The real surprise was yet to come. In the closing minutes of the auction, the now famous Ebay bidder,, snuck in and posted the final bid. They will pay Enke $15,100.00 to dawn his suit.

If the planets align just right we could have a final table that included a “Moneymaker” (Chris Moneymaker), a “Fossilman” (Greg Raymer), a man called “Jesus” (Chris Ferguson), a “Professor” (Howard Lederer), a “Devil Fish” (Dave Ulliot), a “Master” (Men Nguyen), a “Great Dane” (Gus Hansen), a “Poker Brat” (Phil Hellmuth) and without a doubt the strangest of all, a “Pink Bunny” (Jeremy Enke).

And like Enke says; “There's a million ways to make a million dollars in this world, you only need to find one”.

Jeremy, we think you have found yours. We at wish you all the luck in the world. Long live the Bunny.

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