Pastor's Innovative Stewardship Toolkit Guarantees Increased Church Giving

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Pastors are learning to be comfortable – and successful – talking to their congregations about giving to their churches with Dr. Rod Rogers' "Dynamic Giving Toolkit." His stewardship program, recently published in a toolkit package of CDs, sample taped sermons and manual, has been field-tested across the world and is now available to pastors everywhere.

It got people out of debt, improved their income, reduced marital arguments about money, brought moms home to raise their kids, and deepened their relationship with God

Even though tithing has been declining for several years and churches everywhere are hurting financially, pastors hate to talk about money.

A new stewardship toolkit for pastors called the “Dynamic Giving Toolkit,” however, is giving men and women of the cloth some practical help in the area of financial stewardship. It also guarantees pastors that they can increase their congregation’s church giving by at least 10 percent in just five weeks, or their money will be returned.

The “Dynamic Giving Toolkit: How to Increase Your Church’s Giving 10 to 30% in 5 Weeks, Guaranteed,” is a practical, step-by-step guide for pastors of all faiths. It includes instructions on audio CD and in a 215-page manual as well as a complete four-sermon stewardship series on cassette. The toolkit equips ministers to talk about giving biblically, sensitively and confidently, without using pressure or guilt, says Dr. Rod Rogers.

“Pastors can then stop worrying about church bills, meeting the budget, dealing with debt and feeling defeated and helpless in the face of inadequate or declining giving,” he says.

Dr. Rogers, D. Min., who started and pastored an Evangelical Free Church in Denver, Colo., for 15 years, is the creator of the Dynamic Giving Toolkit, available online at Its program has helped more than 900 churches worldwide increase their weekly giving up to 300 percent.

“Nothing I taught my people as a pastor in 15 years transformed their lives as much as my teaching on biblical stewardship,” said Dr. Rogers, who resigned his pulpit three years ago to devote himself to “preaching” about the Dynamic Giving System, which he created and trademarked.

“It got people out of debt, improved their income, reduced marital arguments about money, brought moms home to raise their kids, and deepened their relationship with God,” he said. “My people told me over and over again that the most helpful truths I ever taught them were about giving. They couldn’t thank me enough.”

Dr. Rogers said pastors who use the time-saving instructions and ready-to-use sermons and letters in his multimedia toolkit typically see increases in giving of 10- to 30-percent each year. “For example, if a church received $100,000 in general offerings last year, its pastor can confidently anticipate a $10,000 to $30,000 giving increase the first year and more than $10,000 each year thereafter,” Dr. Rogers said.

Pastor Rick Ensrud of the Brooklyn Park Evangelical Free Church in Minnesota agreed. "The first year we applied your stewardship teaching,” Ensrud told Dr. Rogers, “our offerings increased 30 percent, almost $2,000 per week. We use your program every year and our weekly giving increases about 10 percent per year. Our church's per capita giving is now half again the national average.”

“International churches may anticipate even much more astounding results,” Rogers said.

Indeed, Bob Gilliam, president of T-Net International, said the Dynamic Giving System has worked wonders overseas with his international church training organization. “In the Philippines, the results have blown us away,” Gilliam said. “Almost every pastor doubled the weekly giving in their church, and some almost tripled their weekly giving. In Zambia, Gilliam added, virtually all the pastors who used Dr. Rogers’ Dynamic Giving System saw increases in giving of more than 100 percent.

The toolkit’s availability comes at a time when only 15 percent of pastors nationwide say they have been equipped by their denomination or seminary to teach biblical stewardship principles.

Those same pastors faced a 62 percent decline in tithing the year after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks on America, according to the Barna Research Group, and tithing increased only a little the following year.

Dr. Rogers, a member of the Society for Advancement of Consulting, is a visiting lecturer of Pastoral Theology at New Geneva Theological Seminary in Colorado Springs, Colo., and adjunct professor of New Testament and Practical Ministries at Rocky Mountain Bible College & Seminary in Denver. He was also founding president and a professor at The Pastors' Seminary in Denver.

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