A "New" Sister Sports Talk Show Team, The Sports Maverickstm presents a Five-Part Series: "You are an Athlete, So Take Responsibility for Your Actions and Your Success."

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Sport Maverickstm, Smarttalk For Parents and Athletestm (http://www.voiceamerica.com) Internet Sport Radio Presents: A Five-Part Series-"You Are An Athlete, So Take Responsibility For Your Actions And Your Success." The series will cover "critical issues" that confront today's athletes like Hazing; Alcohol and Illegal Substance Abuse; Unsportsmanship Conduct and Violence; Sexual Misconduct and Date Rape; Gambling, Bribery and Scalping.

in sports today, Why?. Our five-part Series will answer the

Hazing; Alcohol and Illegal Substance Abuse; Unsportsmanship Conduct and Violence; Sexual Misconduct and Date Rape; Gambling, Bribery and Scalping" in sports today, Why?. Our five-part Series will answer the "Why" of such anti-social behavior among athletes. Our experts will discuss the root of these problems, and how they can be prevented. We will hear from parents, former athletes and victims that will tell their side of the story, and discuss the impact that such anti-social behavior have had on their lives.

The Series will broadcast from April 5th through May 3rd 2005 every Tuesday at 8:00pm (Eastern), 7:00pm (Central) and 5:00pm (Pacific) on voiceamerica.com.

04-05-05:The First Part will broadcast on April 5th, and the title of the show is "Hazing, The Unlawful Ritual In Athletics." The show will deal with hazing practices in college and professional sports among both male and female athletes. Our Anti-Hazing guest are Reggie Berry, a former San Diego Charger; Henry "Killer" Lawrence, a former Oakland Raider; Dr. Brian Crow-An Associate Professor of Sport Management at Slippery Rock University In Pennsylvania; and Dr. Ricky L. Jones, the author of "Black Haze."

04-12-05:The Second Part will broadcast on April 12th, and our title is: "Drugs For Glory: A Parent's Guide To Drug Prevention For Athletes." Today, we are witnessing a "Silent Drug Epedemic In Sport Today." From therapeutic drugs used for specific medical indications; to "street drugs" or "pleasure drugs" used to alter mood or perception, such as narcotics, which increase pain threshold and produce euphoria; and to steriods to other performanc-enhancement or eregogenic drugs used for the purpose of gaining athletic advantage. There is evidence that this drug epidemic have pervade professional sports, college, high school and junior and middle school athletics. With millions of dollars in endorsements, broadcasting rights, scholarships and notoriety on the line, many athletes used these drugs unaware of the potential long-term consequences. Two noted clinicians, Dr. Danato Cimini of the Eastwood Clinic in Detroit, and Dr. Christine Cauffield of the Coastal Behavioral Healthcare,Inc.,of Florida each specializing mental health and substance abuse treatment services will join the Sport Maverick hosts and discuss the long-term history of illegal drugs in sports and long-term consequences. The Sport Panel will also discussed, why "Steriods" and other drugs have become the "athletic cocktail" for some athletes and not for others. These experts will also discuss traditional and non-traditional methods used to prevent substance abuse among athletes.

04-19-05:The Third Part will broadcast on April 19th, and we will discuss "Unsportmanshiplike Conduct And Violence Among Athletes and Fans." Sport Mavericks hosts will present special sports panel guests, Fred Engh,President and Founder of "National Alliance For Youth Sports," and Lowell J. Grabau Ph.D., President and Founder of "National Institute of Sports", (NISP). Fred is the author of "Why Johnny Hates Sports," which explores the disturbing state of organized youth sports in America. He has been involved in youth sports for more than 30 years as a coach, athletc director and sport educator, and he is one of America's leading experts in the youth sports field. Dr. Grabau experience spans 35 years as a teacher, trainer, and licensed psychologist. As President of NISP, he directs an organization that trains and certifies sports professionals such as coaches, psychologist, therapist, trainers and other professionals to deal more effectively with athletes at all levels.    

04-26-05:The Fourth Part will broadcast on April 26th, and we will discuss "Sexual Awareness And Violence Prevention In Sports." Sport Maverickstm hosts will introduce special sport panel guest, Daryl Fort former college athlete, an experienced educator in the gender violence prevention field. Daryl is also a national trainer for the "National Consortium For Academics & Sports, "Mentors in Violence (MVP) Program and Strategies." The MVP program is a multi-racial and mixed gender Program. MVP is the first scale attempt to enlist high school, collegiate and prefessional athletes in the fight against all forms of men's violence against women. Daryl is also a former college athlete that serves as an advisor and representative on sports culture and violence for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. The show's guests will talked about the advocacy in gender violence and same-sex violence, and will define ways that athletes can build "healthy relationships." In addition, we will discuss the dangerous trends at every level of sports, and in the media.    

05-03-05:Lastly, The Fifth Part will broadcast on May 3rd, and we will look at Gambling, Bribery and Scalping as the fastest growing problems in sports among fans, athletes, coaches and sports professionals. Our special sports panel guest will be Micheal Franzese. Michael was a Captain in the Colombo family and ran gambling operations quite successfully. Today, he speaks to athletes as a spokesperson for the NCAA. He is often called upon to speak to professional teams like the NBA, MLB, NFL,etc. He can be seen often on HBO Real Sports, ESPN, the Jim Rome Show and Fox Sports.

About The Series: "You Are An Athlete"

For the next five weeks, Sport Mavericks Host, Ida Muorie And Eleanor Starks will interview former athletes, clinicians, parents,and victims of Hazing, Sexual Misconduct, Date Rape, Violence and Unsportmasnhip Conduct by an athlete. We will asked the hard guestions, and discuss the impact and root of these problems. The experts will be aksed to provide information that will help parents identifiy and prevent these anti-social behavior in the future.

About Sport Maverickstm

"Sport Mavericks" Internet Sport Talk Show brings education and athleticism together to level the playing field in sports by advocating education and self-help to empower parents of athletes. The show presents "real life" experiences and solutions that educates the general public about an athletes lifestyle,and presents "true" role models in sports that are contributing on the field and off the field.

Host/Executive Producer, Ida R. Muorie is a Sport Advocate and Consultant. Muorie is also the former Chaplain and Educational Director of the University of Florida Gators Parent Association (GPA). Muorie continues to deliver her Pro-Ready Financial Playbooktm to Junior and Senior Student Athletes in preparation for life after graduation. In addition, Muorie consults sport professionals on draft related issues and the collegiate sports process from recruiting, training, academics, draft preparations, selecting agents,etc.

Co-Host, Eleanor "Momma Starks" is the mother of Max Starks, OT for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and a new member of the NFL Mother's Association. In the past, Starks was the President of the Gator Parent Association. During her tenure she revamped the Association and made it a model for other NCAA schools.

Sport Mavericks can be heard "Live" on Tuesdays at 8:00pm (EST); 7:00pm (Central) and 5:00pm (Pacific) on (http://www.voiceamerica.com). Listeners are encouraged to call in with their questions or comments at 888-335-5204. Sport Mavericks replays 12 hours laterin the AM. The entire series will be archived on http://www.voiceamerica.com.


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