New Book Chronicles What it Takes to Recover from Trauma: Research Says Up to 2 Million Americans Affected by Dissociative Identity Disorder

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"GOT PARTS? An Insider's Guide to Managing Life Successfully with Dissociative Identity Disorder" was written by a 44-year old woman ("A.T.W.") during her struggle to recover from the effects of prolonged abuse during childhood. This life-changing book is filled with exercises, tips, and strategies that recovering DID survivors can use to gain self-esteem, coping skills, self-care, and begin the process of trauma recovery.

Current research shows that DID may affect 2 million Americans and perhaps as many as 5-20% of people in psychiatric hospitals, many of whom have received other diagnoses. Research has documented that on average, people with Dissociative Disorders have spent seven years in the mental health system prior to accurate diagnosis. (Source: The Sidran Institute).

“We were miserable and in such physical (from the damage done to us through abuse and torture) and psychic pain that we just wanted our life to be over. We believed that if it were true, the truth would kill us; that if it were true, what we were remembering, what individual parts were saying was done to them, if these things were true, that we were too unclean, too defiled, too corrupted, too ruined to live.”

-- A.T.W., before therapy

This is her story. A.T.W. is a 44-year old female survivor of Dissociative Identity Disorder. She was finally diagnosed with DID in 1997 and has since begun to recover her life, including returning to work after more than a decade of disability. Her struggle over the nightmare of early, repeated, and prolonged abuse demonstrates the triumph of the human spirit and the possibility of healing.

got parts? was written by a survivor of DID, recounting the ideas and materials she learned from her therapist, Rick Ritter, and the therapeutic counseling work she did with him and what she learned from other multiples in her therapy group. got parts? is a kind of primer for someone newly diagnosed with DID or who is at a loss to know how to understand and come to terms with their reality of “multiple personalities” (parts), giving some basic (and hopefully reassuring) information, and throughout the book furnishing tips, tools, and descriptions of what others have found to be of most help in coming to grips with being multiple.

The book is a guide, written to describe what it takes to recover and heal from trauma so severe that it caused splitting of self into many selves, and what it takes to accomplish the work to re-integrate those separate selves into a unified System of alters which is able to move on and forward with life using techniques others have found helpful, thereby enabling them a better chance of living a successful, well-functioning, rewarding, even happy life.

For Immediate Release     This information may be freely used in a review or article or as the basis for a feature story or interview. Longer story (2600 words) also available.

New book chronicles what it takes to recover from trauma: Research says up to 2 million Americans affected by Dissociative Identity Disorder

Title: “Got Parts? An Insider's Guide to Managing Life Successfully with Dissociative Identity Disorder”

ISBN: 1-932690-03-4

List: US$16.95

Publisher: Loving Healing Press

Distributors: Baker & Taylor, New Leaf Distributing, Ingram

Author available for interview. Review copies and promotional copies available on request. Contact Rick Ritter, MSW, phone 260-744-0602, fax 734-663-6861, email, website


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