UFO Expert Bob Trotta Excited by Recent Crop Circle Activity in North Devon

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Bob Trotta and his team of experts have been called to investigate the recent spate of crop circles that have been manifesting themselves all over the North Devon countryside.

Once thought the preserve of cranks and eccentrics this burgeoning phenomenon has caught the attention of mainstream academia over the last few years including organisations such as Bob Trotta’s Institute of Crop Circle Investigation (ICCI). The recent activity in Devon saw local authorities reaching for the phone to request the advice of this leading research establishment.

The latest circles have appeared over the last week or so in at least fourteen different locations in North Devon, mainly in the large number of “super fields” that grow the cereal crops popular in this region. Speaking from his Woolacombe homestead local farmer David Wilkins had this to say: “I’ve always thought this sort of thing was a hoax but the ones that have appeared on my land have been so complicated that I can’t see how they could have been done overnight. I’m glad that Bob Trotta and his team are here to try and get to the bottom of things”.

Mr Trotta himself was not quite as optimistic about his team’s ability to solve the mystery: “crop circles have been around for ever. We have reports of them in academic texts from the 1700’s and they have appeared in at least twenty nine countries around the world. We are not sure what makes them although many of us believe it to be a form of light energy. However, one thing is for sure, since the 1990’s the circles have developed in complexity to the point that where once we were seeing simple circles, we are now seeing crop glyphs mimicking computer fractals and elements expressing fourth dimensional processes in quantum physics. In layman terms that means we are seeing some really complicated patterns that are almost certainly beyond the capabilities of even the most accomplished hoaxer”.

Whatever the outcome of Bob Trotta’s investigation one thing is for sure – local farmers are going to be having some very late nights as they lie in wait to catch the culprits of this decorative yet ultimately destructive occurrence.


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