Most All Motorists Never Questioned a Politician About High Gas Prices

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Look what it got us. Don't question politicans and guess what? You go to the gas pump, fork up hard-earned money and you don't know why it's higher and getting higher. Thanks to the interent, you can now ask the questions and get the answers to make politicians answerable, accountable and repsonsible to you. It's the American way. Don't complain if you don't.

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Most all politicians do their best to avoid things like commitment to constituents and just representation of all citizens.

To make changes in national policies and issues, the public needs to beat these so-called public servants that allow the price of gas to go up at their own game.

FOIL, the Foreign Oil Independence League has crafted an urgently needed tool to hold politicians’ feet to the fire when it comes to America’s addiction to foreign oil and failure to push alternative energy research and use.

It’s an Inquiry that citizens can download from the FOIL Web site and email to their elected officials.

It’s a powerful tool that will force politicians to admit the nation is hostage to foreign oil interests and will continue to be unless something positive is done quickly about America’s dependence on foreign oil.

And they have to put their position on the line for all to see. Something they hate to do.

“The high gas cost buck stops here, I want answers why I'm paying obscene prices for gas," the Inquiry states.

The Inquiry contains 13 loaded questions, an unlucky number for the politicians who get them. If they don’t answer “true” to all the inquiries, they’re admitting that they’re playing games with the public’s money when it comes to the woes of oil dependence and the lack of a fat cat free domestic energy policy.

In other words, if they don’t answer “true” to questions asked, they’re admitting they don’t actually represent the needs and wants of American citizens. And they are hiding the connection between foreign oil, terrorism and the shrinking dollar for the sake big oil lobbyists..

If they don’t send back your inquiry at all, do the same thing, fire another e-mail. Just make it more emphatic. JOINFOIL’s Inquiry will empower all Americans to take a stand. Show that empowerment to representatives, senators and eventually to the White House. When you click on the “Inquiry” on , you can link to the names and addresses of all congresspersons.

Show them you’re the boss, they're supposed to work for you. That you’ve got the power. These people serve at your pleasure.

And if they want your vote, it would be a good idea to start pleasing you in the energy arena. Particularly at the gas pump. Most of all, they have to acknowledge that you and millions like you have the clout to make them cringe.

The Inquiry works because it makes politicians come clean. How about that!

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